2 Free Method to Unlock Password Protected PDF File

PDFs are sometimes made password encrypted so that no one can open PDF who doesn’t know the password.

You might have some confidential information in that PDF which is password protected but now you forgot that password.

Here you will see a free method to unlock password protected pdf file and also to remove this password from Stellar Phoenix PDF Password Recovery.

unlock password protected pdf

It must be noted that removing password from your PDF is not an easy task, still the method discussed below work sometimes well.

Print PDF- A Free method to unlock password protected pdf file

This method works for me and I thought this would be the best free password recovery method for your PDF. This method works on all system.

If you can able to create a new copy of that PDF using print option then the duplicate copy of that PDF will be created and you can easily see that PDF.

Many a time there is a possibility that your password encrypted PDF doesn’t have any reprinting issue then this trick works well.

Print PDF document in Microsoft Edge (By Default in Windows 10)

Follow steps if you have opened PDF with Microsoft Edge.

  • Open the PDF file having password encrypted.
  • Again message This sample PDF file is encrypted with a password will be shown due to password protected PDF.
  • Choose the print option from the PDF toolbar.
  • Select from the options Microsoft print to PDF from the drop-down list under Printer option (see below screenshot).
  • Now press Enter key to save duplicate PDF of password encrypted PDF with no password anymore.

Print PDF file in Chrome Browser

Follow some below steps if you open PDF in Google Chrome browser.

  • Open the password enable PDF
  • Here you will see the message displayed as This sample PDF file is encrypted with a password. You will see the print option in above toolbar. Select Print option.
  • Here you will see Destination. Make sure you have changed it to Save as PDF. Now click on Save option.

Print PDF in Mac

  • Open the password protected PDF preview.
  • Go to File option and click on the Print option.
  • Now the dialogue box will appear and tap on PDF drop-down list and select Save as PDF and tap Print option.

This will create a duplicate copy of that PDF without asking for the password again.

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Remove PDF password using Stellar Phoenix PDF Password Recovery

Stellar Phoenix PDF Password Recovery is free recovery software.

If you unable to remove the password from above option then this option would help you to remove password from that PDF file.

Stellar Phoenix PDF Password Recovery is the simplest and easiest way to remove password from your PDF file.

Follow some simple step below:

  • Go to Open File icon, choose the file whose password you need to recover.
  • Now you have to select the specific length of the password.
  • Under Mask option, mention the starting letter of your password, replace the unknown letter with  “?”.
  • Now under Character set, insert the character that may present inside password.
  • Now press the Start button to start recovering your password.
Stellar Phoenix PDF Password Recovery

Once recovery is completed, you will see the recovered password and you can also decrypt PDF file by clicking on decrypt button.

By above method, you can easily recover your password protected PDF file.

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I hope you find this tutorial on how to unlock password protected pdf file. 

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