2 Best Ways to Remove Junk Files from PC

If you are irritated with the slow speed of your computer then you just need to remove junk files from PC. Junk files keep on increasing in number as you continue uses the computer, so it is always recommended to remove junk files from the PC periodically to run your computer fast. Here you will see two ways by which you can easily clean up your junk files from your computer.

What are the Junk Files?

Junk files are made by applications and Windows itself during the programs installation process it the form of temporary files, cache files. Junk files are the waste files that occupy unnecessary storage even in Gigabytes.

remove junk files from pc

Why should I remove Junk files?

As already said, junk files may take your computer storage up to several Gigabytes. Along with this it also uses the processor of your computer which makes the computer quite slow. So junk files must be removed from the computer regularly.

There are two ways to clear junk from your computer.

  • Manually clean up junk.
  • Using a cleaning tool (easiest way)

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How to Remove Junk Files from PC

Follow some steps to delete junk files both manually and using the cleaning tool.

1. Manual method to delete junk from computer

STEP 1: In the taskbar, search for Disk Cleanup and launch it.

STEP 2: Under the section, select the drive you want to clean up. By selecting the file you can see what amount you can delete temporary files.

cleanup disk

STEP 3: Once the calculation completed, click OK. After done with this drive, you can also delete temporary files by selecting other drive locations.

delete temporary files

As manual removal does not completely remove the junk files from your computer. For complete removal and improve your computer performance see the 2nd method.

2. Removing junk from a computer using CleanMyPC

Using CleanMyPC the easiest method of all and I recommend you to clean up junk using this. As the manual method may not completely remove junk files from your computer as different locations have junk files. It is hard to check every location and delete junk from there but the cleaning tool CleanMyPC makes it possible to completely remove junk files from PC.

CleanMyPC is very easy to use. Check below steps to use CleanMyPc on your computer.

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STEP 1: Launch CleanMyPC on your computer.

STEP 2: Under My Computer go to Scan.

scan junk

STEP 3: Once the scanning completes you can see the memory found and you can also see the detail by clicking on Show details. 

STEP 4: Now tap on Clean option.

clean junk files

You are done. CleanMyPC is simple to use and very fast. This software cleans your PC without any loss of your system and private data. You can try this software for free.

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