How to Find Duplicate Files and Remove them in PC

In this tutorial, you learn how to find Duplicate Files and Remove them from PC. Removing duplicate files is very necessary from time to time, as it slows down your PC speed and also consumes a lot of memory.

What are Duplicate Files?

Duplicate Files are the traces of your original files which are stored on your PC. Duplicate Files are downloaded along with the program you installed on your PC. I must say think twice before deleting Duplicate files. I do not recommend it always. When you edit some images or when you installed a new program some backfiles are also installed which helps to run that program which we call Duplicate Files.

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Why should I delete Duplicate Files?

Duplicate Files consume your PC memory space which is in huge amount. So it is advised to remove Duplicate Files which are not very important so that it frees your space on PC and also speed up PC performance.

How to Find Duplicate Files & Remove them

1: DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner

DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner helps you to find Duplicate File on your PC and also you can easily remove those Duplicate Files which are not necessary for you. DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner comes with a free and paid version. Paid version comes with many more features but for simply finding Duplicate Files and to delete them you can download a free version and you can upgrade anytime. Follow the below steps to use Duplicate Cleaner.

  • Install DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner on your PC and once its installation complete, Open it. start scan
  • Now tap to Duplicate files (shown in below screenshot). You can select similar files or images manually and easily remove them by selecting file removal on the above menu list.

duplicate file

2: Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder is another way to find Duplicate files and to delete them. This software extracts the files and folder which are of the same name and having the same size. It compares the different files and shows the result as Duplicate Files. Follow the below steps to find & delete duplicate files.

  • After successful installation. Open Duplicate File Finder in your PC and choose three dot icon […] as shown in below screenshot marked as 1 and select the file or folder you want to find duplicate filesNow choose to Add icon in next to this.file finder
  • Now select Go option.
  • After few second results will be displayed showing Duplicate files. Here you can easily remove them.file finder result

3: VisiPics

VisiPics is another Duplicate File Finder software which finds extract the same size images, having the same content folder. Even if you have edited or stored multiple picture or files, VisiPics easily detect and allow the user to see the images at the real time so that you can easily detect which photos you want to keep or which to be removed. VisiPics is preferred when there is a lot of similar images and you want to see those images at the real-time by selecting individual pictures or files. Follow some steps to use VisiPics.

  • After installation VisiPics. Choose the file you want to look for Duplicate files, after this tap the arrow turning right (shown in below screenshot). Now tap play option.visipics
  • It will take a moment and the result comes, it shows all your resembles photos on the left side. You can choose them manually and select delete option on the right side.duplicate files

These are some of the easy software which is free and easy to use. By following any above you can easily Find and Remove the Duplicate images and files from your PC. Hope you like this tutorial about find Duplicate Files and Remove them from PC. Hope you like this tutorial about the setup of iOS Two-factor authentication for Apple ID. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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