In this article, we will learn how to improve battery health on iPhone. These are all proven ways that thousands of our readers have adopted to optimize battery charging.

All of us, right?

But it is far from what we face every day. Each day, our battery gets drained quickly, and there are many reasons behind it.

And to cope with that, most people use power banks stuck to their phones most of the day.

But is it good for your iPhone’s health?

Are there other solutions available to help users prevent the quick draining of their iPhone batteries and improve iPhone battery health?

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how to improve battery health on iphone

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your iPhone’s Battery Health?

Although the iPhone’s battery deteriorates, maintaining its original functionality may not be necessary. The most common thing a smartphone breaks are the battery.

It may never run if you forget about a cell phone’s battery. Battery life in the iPhone can vary according to different factors, including battery size and life of the battery.

How Long an iPhone Battery Can Last

The battery of the new iPhone can carry up to 80 hours of battery life, depending on its usage. It’ll last the next day. If you play video games, it’ll last three times a day without electricity.

It usually takes two or three years before your device has experienced significant battery loss. An iPhone with a mild battery charge can keep its initial battery for five years.

Still, high usage or frequent charging will require early battery replacement for the iPhone X. It will not prove that your battery is healthy so you can send it to us.

View Battery Usage information.

The app allows the user to track how much of their battery is used per application (again, if it is charged) in the app and the amount of time it is consumed. To learn what you’re using, click on Settings > Batteries.

iphone battery health capacity

The following message may be seen below the application you have used. Background Activity: This indicates the battery is used by the application during the background or when using other applications.

How to extend your iPhone battery health and use it for many years

Many people are unsure of the features of their iPhones each year. You can get an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4s for about 3 or 4 years because Apple has supported almost all models for the next 3-5 years of updates.

It has a lithium-ion battery, but it is a consumable element that slowly decomposes over time and may cause a headache when using a phone with no power supply.

This guide will increase your phone battery life by 10 years. This will guarantee you long-term usage of every charge of the service.

Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life & Battery Lifespan

How can I optimize battery life in iPhones? Check out the rest of the article: Maximising your iPhone battery life.

1. Avoid Maximizing Your Charge Cycles

Apple said the iPhone retains less than 90% of its original power after roughly 500 charging cycles. The battery cycle goes from 50% to 100% if the phone has enough charge to charge it. The more time you spend charging your iPhone, the longer it lasts.

How can we determine how much a device charges without a smartphone app? Keeping your iPhone fully charged or drained will affect battery life in addition.

2. Don’t Leave Your iPhone Without Charge for Too Long

Batteries that are composed of batteries are limited in their lifespan. Therefore, your iPhone batteries must remain in good shape to reap its full potential. It’s a big problem for a mobile battery, causing it to die because it can be left in this state until it dies, and the overall health of the battery gets reduced.

Lucky for iPhones, battery backup keeps some reserve charge if the battery doesn’t power off, so this is unlikely. If the iPhone dies, then it should still be charged.

3. Don’t leave your iPhone plugged into charging for hours or overnight

Optimized batteries are charged, which solves the issue of excessive charges. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to avoid leaving the phone charged for more than two hours at a time or overnight to avoid the problem.

Avoiding this can reduce battery aging!

4. Turn Off Unused Features

To reduce battery use and maintain a smartphone’s battery performance, it should disable certain functionalities it does not require. This can be powered by features such as background App Re-Update, Bluetooth location setting, and Push notification.

It’s an easy way to maximize your iPhone’s battery life. It may also be possible to dim your screen brightness by enabling fewer notifications to keep your iPhone occupied and turn off your screen when you want.

5. Avoid Charging and Using Your Phone Simultaneously

It would never hurt to browse Facebook or Twitter for a while. Avoid long gaming sessions while using an iPhone charger. Games that involve multiple players can make iPhones excessively hot.

Charging a mobile device can worsen it and impact battery life. Hence, the best advice to plan is to charge your iPhone properly to keep it in good condition. I don’t know how to handle a hot iPhone.

6. Take precautions not to overheat your iPhone

It’s hard to avoid the most minor and most dangerous electronic devices. Don’t make your iPhone’s lithium-ion batteries make the same mistake. Too much heat may cause the phone to suffer a lousy reversal or deteriorate performance when overheating.

Make sure your iPhone is not getting hot at all. Then, you can control them by removing the case, avoiding extended use in apps, or not leaving your iPhone in an unrecognized parking lot.

7. Use wired instead of wireless charging

Wireless charges are convenient. This heat can cause severe damage to iPhone batteries. So, switch between a wired charge or a MagSafe alternative as a power source.

8. Use Only Official Apple Chargers

Unprofessional businesses manufacture cheap iPhone charging systems. Apple does not certify this charger, so it is unlikely to charge your mobile phone’s battery. Use Apple-approved devices to maintain your phone’s battery health.

This official approval list includes some suitable Lightning cable charger accessories for the Apple iPad. These help protect the device from power surges and short circuits.

9. Turn Off Location Services

Location Services can work well with apps such as Google Maps or Yelp. However, a few GPS-related ping noises can cause a quick battery drain on your battery.

iphone location services

A smartphone can send location data to this service to a location server. Nevertheless, this could prevent some helpful software from being installed.

Your weather app won’t know what you have when the latest forecast comes out. Apple lets us instead restrict app usage for a specific purpose.

10. Charge the Battery to 50 Percent Before Storing Your iPhone

This suggestion is geared toward the iPhone you’re planning to keep. The old iPhone can still be discarded by anyone who bought it. It is possible to keep your old iPad or iPod touch in good condition to save money by maintaining battery percentage.

However, maintaining a healthy battery is essential if your iPhone doesn’t run. You can charge the phone battery up to 50 percent and then shut the device off, so it has a bit of battery usage.

11. Activate Low Power Mode

The best way to combat battery failure is to use low-powered mode. With the feature enabled, the mobile will perform primarily essential functions, enabling background activities such as downloading and mail-grabbing.

Low power mode kicks off automatically at low power levels; however, you can set this manually for the phone for a longer time. Head to Settings > Batteries and switch to Low Energy mode.

low power mode

You can set low power in Control Center in Settings > Configuration Center. The battery icon in the upper right corner turns yellow. This mode works only when the phone battery has not topped 80%.

12. Adjust Screen Brightness

Your battery life will be the biggest problem with your device. Smartphones now have more display options than before, destroying your battery life. You can’t ignore the fact you could reduce the brightness. Manually change brightness levels through the slider.

display and brightness

The slider may be used from the Control Centre. Click on the light icon and slide it downward. It would be best if you disabled auto brightness for better results. Navigate to Options> Accessibility > Display & text size. Turn off auto brightness.

13. Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

Keeping iPhones from excessive temperatures helps keep your device afloat throughout its lifetime without damage. Taking this precaution may also help you keep your iPhone battery running correctly.

Extremely low temperatures could reduce the battery’s maximum capacity or cause batteries to quit altogether. In addition, high levels can prevent you from using the phone’s features permanently.

Also, avoid exposing the iPhone to direct sunlight or heat to maximize its capability.

14. Optimize your settings

It’s possible to conserve the battery by setting the brightness on your screen or using Wi-Fi. Disable the display or activate Automatic Lightness to increase battery life.

iphone wifi

WiFi connection requires less energy than a cellular network – so keep WiFi enabled. The Wi-Fi connection can be accessed by clicking Settings > Wi-Fi and entering the Wi-Fi connection.

15. Disable features you don’t use

Another trick for prolonging your iPhone’s life span is to lower its usage. You should disable some iPhone features if you don’t use it.

These are some of the best techniques to obtain peak performance capability.

Does AppleCare+ Cover Battery Replacement?

If your iPhone is running under 80% of its maximum power, it should still be able to charge. If a battery is not repaired, it should be included in AppleCare+ warranty coverage.

Repairs for your iPhone are a total of $89. You may have to pay extra charges or replace the battery before submitting it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get my iPhone battery to be 100% healthy?

Maintaining 100% battery health is generally achievable only with a new iPhone, as capacity naturally diminishes over time. Regular software updates and optimized charging habits can help maintain its health.

What kills iPhone battery health?

Extreme temperatures, constant deep discharges, overcharging, and the natural aging process are primary factors that degrade iPhone battery health.

Is iPhone battery health 85% after one year?

After one year of average use, an iPhone’s battery health may decline to around 85%, but this can vary based on individual usage patterns and care.

How do I restore my iPhone battery health?

Restoring original battery health isn’t possible, but you can maximize current health by avoiding extreme temperatures, using optimized charging, and reducing power-intensive features.

I hope you find this tutorial about How to Improve iPhone Battery Health. Useful to improve your iPhone battery life.

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