4 Easy Steps – How To Find My iPhone With Another iPhone

When we lost our iPhone, Apple provided us with the functionality we needed.

Find my iPhone can track a dead or stolen iPhone or other Apple device.

A tech-savvy person can’t help but carry numerous mobile devices at all times in our digitally linked environment. But this also makes losing or misplacing a gadget more likely.


In the back of your mind, you constantly wonder how to discover my misplaced iPhone while you’re carrying such high-end equipment.

The good news is that, owing to Apple’s “ecosystem,” it’s not impossible to locate a lost Apple gadget. So if you want to know how to find a missing iPhone or simply want some advice on how to utilise the ‘Find My iPhone’ function, stay reading. Is there a way to find my iPhone? Let’s do this.

Find my iPhone, a free app from Apple, allows you to keep tabs on the position of your phone and safeguard your data. You may use the Find my iPhone App to locate and delete your data from a lost iPhone.

Requirements to track the location

  • Computer or any device having an internet connection
  • iCloud Account
  • Lastly, before your smartphone is stolen or lost. Find my iPhone must be ON, otherwise after losing there is no way to turn it ON.

Employing Find my iPhone to track down the location of your phone

How to track iPhone with iCloud

  1. Anyone with a computer may use Find My iPhone via the App Store or iCloud.

2. Login to iCloud using the same Apple ID that you used on the stolen or lost iPhone.

3. However, you can locate my iPhone under the fast access tools without having to provide a two-factor authentication number.


4. On the top, you will see All Devices to which you can access the same Apple ID. Select that device that is stolen. Here you can see three options.


NOTE: Your stolen device must have an internet connection ON to get the below options.

  • Play Sound: This is the very first choice you’re presented with. Play Sound is available if you believe your iPhone is close. This option alerted you if someone in the vicinity rejected it.
  • Lost Mode: Your iPhone will be secure even if you haven’t set one up yet.This disables the stranger’s iPhone.
  • Erase Mode: If your phone is stolen, you may use this mode to erase all of your personal data. It’s easy to restore a stolen gadget using iTunes after it’s been erased.

You can check the status of whether your iPhone is online or offline.

Green Dot indicates your iPhone is Online

Gray Dot means your iPhone is Offline

In the event your iPhone is down, what to do

Using the options below, you will be notified whenever that device connects to the internet.

  • Check with Notify Me When Found option
  • You can select 3 options Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase Mode. Whenever that iPhone reconnect to the internet connection, these options automatically enable.

By this, you can notify your iPhone if it is offline mode.

iCloud syncing is another recommendation we have for our readers, since it ensures the safety and security of all of your vital data like contacts, notes, photos, videos, and more. You get 5 GB of free storage with iCloud, which is ample for synchronising your contacts. Using your Apple ID and password on your new iOS device or computer, you may get them back at any moment.

We hope this tutorial helps you find your iPhone by using the App and tracing the current location. You can follow us on Facebook, and Twitter.

Comment below if you’re still having problems. We’re here to help you whenever you need us.

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