How to Find my iPhone Location using Find my iPhone

Thanks to Apple for providing us with the features when we Lost our iPhone?

Here you see how to track and find iPhone or your lost Apple device by using Find My iPhone, whether your device is lost or stolen and even if the battery is dead.

find my iphone location

iPhone offers free App Find my iPhone by which you can track your device location and prevent your personal data. By using you can locate lost iPhone using Find my iPhone App you can also erase your data stored in that device.

Requirements to track the location

  • Computer or any device having an internet connection
  • iCloud Account
  • And the most important, before your device is stolen or lost. Find my iPhone must be ON, otherwise after losing there is no way to turn it ON.

How to Find my iPhone Location using Find my iPhone

1.  Go to iCloud from any device such as PC or if you are using the iOS device then download Find my iPhone from Appstore.

2. Login with iCloud with the same Apple ID which you have used in stolen or lost iPhone.

3. It will ask for a Two-Factor Authentication code, But you directly go to find my iPhone under quick access tools.


4. On the top, you will see All Devices in which you have access with the same Apple ID. Select that device which is stolen. Here you can see three option.


NOTE: Your stolen device must have internet connection ON to get below options.

  • Play Sound: This is the first option you see. If you think your iPhone is somewhere nearby then you can click on Play Sound. This option let you know when someone nearby you denying it.
  • Lost Mode: If you go for this option, your iPhone will be locked and it will ask for a password even if you had not previously set up. This disables the iPhone used for the stranger.
  • Erase Mode: This mode will erase your all data in a stolen device, so you can prevent your data being checked by someone else. After Erase Mode you can easily get back up from iTunes once you get your stolen device.

You can check the status of whether your iPhone is online or offline.

Green Dot indicates your iPhone is Online

Gray Dot indicates your iPhone is Offline

What to do if your iPhone is Offline

If your iPhone is not connected to the internet then you can not locate the device at that time but whenever someone uses the internet on that, you will get notified when you follow below options.

  • Check with Notify Me When Found option
  • You can select 3 options Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase Mode. Whenever that iPhone reconnect to the internet connection, these options automatically enable.

By this, you can notify your iPhone if it is offline mode.

Further, we also suggest our readers to always use iCloud synchronization to keep all your important contacts, Notes, Photos, Videos, and other important data safe and secure. iCloud is official cloud storage from Apple that offers your 5GB free storage which is enough for contacts synchronization. You can restore them anytime using Apple ID and password on the new iOS device or on your computer.

For this turn ON the iCloud backup of your iPhone in settings and all your data will be saved in cloud once you are connected with WiFi and iPhone is connected to power.

I hope this tutorial helps you to Find your iPhone by using the App and trace the current location. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter.

If you are still in trouble, comment us below. Our team will be happy to assist you always.

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