How to Transfer Contacts from One iPhone to Another

Got a new iPhone? Well, congratulations!

But what is the first thing you look forward to doing after setting up your iPhone?

For most of us, it is to transfer our contacts from our old phone to the new one. I’m sure you agree with me on this.

Or maybe you just want to keep up a backup of your contacts on a spare phone. Just in case you lose your phone.

So if you are looking forward to transfer iPhone contacts to a new iPhone or any other device whether iPad Tablets, Android smartphones, you have landed on the right page.

In this tutorial, we will share with you the three Best Ways to Import iPhone Contacts to any device.

how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another

You can easily transfer contacts by using a third-party app, iTunes, iCloud, Airdrop, and SIM Card. The only thing you require is having an Apple ID to work with this.

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Top 5 Methods to Transfer Contacts from One iPhone to Another


Let’s take a look at the five different methods listed in this article which will help you to easily transfer contacts.

5 methods to transfer contacts
  • How to transfer contacts using a third party app.
  • Steps to transfer contacts using iCloud.
  • How to transfer contacts using iTunes.
  • Steps to transfer contacts using AirDrop.
  • How to transfer contacts using SIM card.

Why is it necessary to transfer all your contacts?

There are different reasons you would want to transfer your contacts.

Let’s just take a look at some of the prominent ones!

The first one is that what if your iPhone gets damaged? Or another positive one is that what if you buy a new iPhone or any new device such as iPad, iPhone, Android device or any smartphone?

In any of the above cases you need to import iPhone contacts in it so that wherever you go, you remain in touch with your friends, relatives, family, and with your professional life.

Sometimes you use two phones at the same time even then you need to have a copy of your contacts on both the phones. Right?

We always recommend you to use iCloud synchronization to secure all your important contacts.

It automatically stores all your iPhone contacts to cloud storage and you can restore them anytime easily.

Along with contacts, it also syncs all important data, files, pictures, videos, music. This is a convenient way to get everything back even if your iPhone is lost.

I’m sure you now have an idea of why it is important to import your contacts and how it is done.

So now let’s go straight to the methods!

1. Transfer iPhone Contacts using AnyTrans (Third-party app)


Let us start with the easiest method first.

So the first method to transfer contacts is by using a third-party app.

Here we recommend using AnyTrans.

AnyTrans is one of the top-rated apps when it comes to the transfer and managing data between iOS devices. You can also back up your data using this app.

Here we are specifically taking about transferring contacts. So let’s check out how it is done.

Download AnyTrans on your computer

Visit the iMobie website from your browser and download the AnyTrans app on your computer. Install it on your computer. Download AnyTrans – For Free

AnyTrans download

Connect your iPhones to your computer

Go ahead and connect both your devices to your computer using a data cable.

Choose phone Switcher

On the left side of the menu, you will find “Phone Switcher”. Click on it. Next, choose the “Phone to iPhone” option.

transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Select the source and target

Choose the “Source” device and the “Target” device from the options and “Continue”.

select device to transfer contacts

Choose “Contacts”

Select the “Contacts” from the categories option and then click on “Next”. The transferring process will continue. Wait for it to complete. Then go ahead and check the contacts on your iPhone.

AnyTrans third party app for transfering data

That’s it!

So using AnyTrans you can easily transfer the contacts as well as other data between your devices. It is easy and quick.

2. Transfer iPhone Contacts using iCloud

If you are into using a third party app then we have the right solution for you.

Here in this method, you can transfer iPhone contacts with the help of iCloud. You do not need to download and install any application for doing this.

You only need your Apple ID and password to make this method work for you.


To make this simple let us divide this method into steps.

In the first few steps, we will explain how to sync your contacts using iCloud. Then we will share steps on how to merge the contacts on both the iPhones using iCloud.

And in the last few steps, we will explain how to use an iCloud backup to get your contacts on your new iPhone.

So let’s check out how it is done.

Sync iPhone contacts to iCloud

The very first thing you need to do is to sync your contacts to iCloud using your old phone.

Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone. Then go ahead and click on the arrow right next to your name on the very top of the Settings menu. Choose “iCloud” from the options.

Turn on iCloud Sync

Click on the “Toggle” next to “Contacts” to turn it “ON”. The green color is the indicator that it is “ON”.

Turn on contacts Sync

Wasn’t it easy? So now that we are done with the basics lets move ahead to merging the contacts on both the devices using iCloud.

Merge iPhone contacts using iCloud

On your new iPhone Sign in with the same Apple ID as on the old iPhone and open Settings > iCloud > Contacts. Turn it on. (We have already covered these steps above).

Now select Merge. Then, wait for the contacts getting sync from your old iPhone to the new iPhone.


NOTE: You must be Sign in with the same Apple ID in both the new and old iPhone.

By this, you can easily transfer your all contacts from one iPhone to another. 

You can also transfer your contacts by using iTunes. For this follow the steps below.

Transfer iPhone contacts using iCloud backup

This is very simple!

You just need to create a backup of your old iPhone and then access it through your new iPhone and save all your contacts and other information using it.

Just follow the steps below to see how it is done!

From your old iPhone, go to “Settings”. Then click on the arrow right next to your “Name” on the top. Choose “iCloud” from the options below.

Turn on iCloud Sync

Scroll down and click next to “iCloud Backup”. Turn on the “iCloud Backup” by clicking on the toggle next to it so that it turns green.

iCloud backup

You have successfully backed up the data of your iPhone.

Now go ahead and launch “Settings” on your new iPhone. Scroll down and choose “General” and then click on “Reset”.

reset iPhone

Choose “Erase all Content and Settings”. Then confirm your actions by further clicking on “Erase iPhone”.

erase all content and settings

Now you will need to set up your iPhone from scratch. Once you reach the “Apps and Data” option, go ahead and choose “Restore from iCloud Backup”.

Click on the latest backup that you created from your old iPhone. That will save all your data to your new iPhone, including your contacts.

And you are all set to use your contacts of your iPhone.

3. Transfer iPhone Contacts to new iPhone using iTunes

The third method is to transfer contacts using iTunes.

By using iTunes you can transfer all the data from one iOS device to another iOS device such as Music, Contacts, Photos, and lot more.

But you have to keep one thing in mind that using this method all your data will be restored on your new device and the data present on your new device will get deleted. So you are into only transferring your contacts but all your data.

Therefore opt for this method if you want to transfer all the data and not just the contacts.

Follow the steps below to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone by using iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to your computer

First, go ahead and on your old iPhone make a backup of your contacts. For this connect your old iPhone to the computer. If you already have a backup before then skip to the next step.

Create Backup

Otherwise Open iTunes > Device tab > Summary > Select This Computer in Backups column > Click Back Up Now.

backup itunes

Restore the Backup on new device

Restore the new iPhone with old iTunes backup.

Connect your new iPhone to the computer. Go to iTunes > Device tab > Summary > Click Restore Backup > Turn off Find My iPhone on your new iPhone > Select the backup you just created > Click Restore.

NOTE: Once you clicked restore it restore everything back to your new iPhone such as music, videos, contacts, and much more.

4. Transfer Contacts using SIM card

Now if you don’t feel like using iCloud or iTunes for transferring your contacts, this next method may be the right choice for you.

This is the one of the old methods but works great every time. Transferring contacts using SIM card is something which works not inly with iPhone but all the devices easily.

transfer contacts using SIM Card

Although this is an outdated method, but it always works.

Using this method you have to simply copy all the contacts on your old iPhone to your SIM card and insert that SIM card on your new phone and then copy the contacts to your contacts library.

So let’s check it out!

Copy the contacts to SIM card

Using your old device, copy all your contacts to your SIM card.

Now remove the SIM card form your old device and insert it in your new device.

Import SIM Contacts

Launch “Settings” on your new iPhone. Then scroll down and choose “Contacts”. Click on “Import SIM Contacts” option.

And it is done. All your contacts from your SIM card have been successfully transferred to your new iPhone.

5. Transfer Contacts from iPhone using AirDrop

So the last method to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone is using the AirDrop feature.

As we all know that the AirDrop feature comes preinstalled in all iOS and macOS devices. And it allows users to share pictures, videos, documents, etc among apple devices. But it also allows users to share contacts with each other.

transfer contacts using AirDrop

The downside of this method is that the user is only allowed to share one contact at a time. So if you are looking forward to share only a few contacts then this methods is great for you. But if you want to share all your contacts from one device to another then it is a tiresome job.

So it is your choice if you want to opt for this method.

Follow the steps below to check how it works.

Turn on AirDrop on both devices

The first thing to do is to turn on AirDrop on both devices. To do so open “Settings” and click on “General”. Choose “AirDrop” from the options and choose “Everyone”.

Turn on AirDrop

This will turn on receiving of any data through AirDrop.

Transfer Contact from one iPhone to another

Now open the “Contacts” app on your old iPhone and click on the contact you want to share. Further click on “Share Contact” from the options. Choose the “AirDrop device” you want to transfer to.

contacts transfer

Wait for the file to transfer.

And it’s done!


By using any of the above-listed methods you can easily import iPhone contacts to any device. We highly recommend using the first method as it is super easy and simple. AnyTrans allows easy transfer of any type of data between devices.

Hope this solves your problem and you easily transfer your contacts without wasting time on individual contact transfer. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter.

If still, you are facing any such problem related to transferring your iPhone contacts to another, comment below, our team will be happy to assist you.

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