How to Remove Device from Apple ID

You are wondering who continues using your Apple ID? Here in this tutorial, you can easily manage apple account devices, and you will see who among your friends, relatives, or associates are using your Apple ID.

You can easily remove their devices from your Apple ID.

I suggest you have always enabled Two-factor authentication for your Apple ID. By having the same Apple ID, others can also see what stuff you have on your iOS devices, such as your photos, videos, notes, and much more.

How to Remove Device from Apple ID

You can check and remove devices from Mac or PC and your iPad & iPhone.

How to see and remove devices linked to your Apple ID

1. Open iTunes, and if it is not logged in, enter your user ID and password to log in.

sign in apple

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2. Tap on Account and then select view my account from the menu list on the top of your computer screen. Reenter your password, and it may ask for a verification code which you will receive on your device.

view my account

3. Now, tap on manage devices under iTunes in the cloud section. If there is no device connected to your Apple ID, you will not see any list here.

manage apple devices

4. If you see any unwanted device in that list, tap the remove option next to that device.


By these steps, you can quickly check and remove linked devices to your Apple ID from your PC or Mac.

How to see and remove devices linked to your Apple ID from your iPhone or iPad

Here you can see the complete list of linked devices, and you can remove your Apple ID from that device right from your iPhone iPad. Follow some of the below steps.

1. Go to Settings and tap on your name.

2. Select the iTunes & App Store.

3. Tap on your Apple ID, and it may ask for your password, and press enter. After this, select View Apple ID.

view apple id

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4. Now scroll down to the bottom and select Manage.

5. Now, you may redirect to the browser, and you need to enter your Apple ID and password once again. After successfully login tap Devices from the list displayed.

manage devices

6. Now tap that device you wish to remove your Apple ID link and tap on the Remove option.

remove this

You can easily remove that device from your Apple ID by these easy steps.

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I hope by this tutorial you can easily view and remove other devices linked to your Apple ID and easily manage apple account devices.

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