How to Improve Quality of Video

how to enhance video quality

No matter how amazing your story is hidden behind your video, no one going to see it with interest if there is poor video quality. The sad thing is, you already had shot that video in the past and can’t make the same video with high resolution.

But the good news is, you can convert it to high resolution and improve its quality like never before and trust me the results are really awesome.

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NordLocker Review 2022 – Is it Worth?

review nordlocker

I hope you have visited some hotel rooms and probably you saw the small locker with a secure code to keep your valuables safe. This usually is your passport, cash, credit cards, and other such important stuff.

But what about your digital files, important contacts, personal files, and other sensitive information?

For this, I guess you need an encryption tool to secure everything.

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How to Start Windows on Mac

how to run windows on mac for free

Is it really possible to start windows on Mac without any flaws? Can we run Windows applications on MacBook? Or How to switch from Mac to Windows on startup?

These are certain questions for many MacBook users (including me a year ago) that how can this be possible?

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10 Best Photo Editor for iPhone in 2022

best photo editing apps for iphone

Are you looking for an all in one solution for your iPhone for creating the perfect image you dreamed of? With all the new applications coming up we get confused about which one to choose from as every application claims to be the best.

But we have got a solution to help you out by listing the 10 best photo editors for iPhone.

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How to Set Sleep and Wake Timer in MacBook

Set Sleep and Wake Timer in MacBook

Are you fed up of Shutting down and turning on your Macbook every time you use it? This can be very time consuming and irritating at times when you need instant access to a particular file and you are running late and you have to complete the slow process of turning on your Macbook. And is this even healthy for your Macbook? To be shut down instantly after you are done with work and then continue to be used instantly after being Turned on.

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How to Disable Mac Startup Sound

How to Disable Mac Startup Sound

The “StartUp Sound” in Apple Macintosh Computers is the sound or chime which is played each time the computer is turned on. There were many startup tones introduced with time for Macintosh computers such as Happy Mac, Sad Mac, Chimes of death, etc.

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