How to Start Windows on Mac

how to run windows on mac for free

Is it possible to start windows on Mac without any flaws? Can we run Windows applications on MacBook? Or How to switch from Mac to Windows on startup?

These are specific questions for many MacBook users (including me a year ago). How can this be possible?

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10 Best Photo Editors for iPhone in 2023

best photo editing apps for iphone

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your iPhone to create the perfect image you dreamed of? With all the new applications, we get confused about which one to choose, as every application claims to be the best.

But we have a solution to help you by listing the 10 best photo editors for iPhone.

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How to Set Sleep and Wake Timer in MacBook

Set Sleep and Wake Timer in MacBook

Are you fed up with Shutting down and turning on your Macbook every time you use it? This can be very time consuming and irritating when you need instant access to a particular file, you are running late, and you must complete the slow process of turning on your Macbook. And is this even healthy for your Macbook? To be shut down instantly after you are done with work and then continue to be used instantly after being Turned on.

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How to Disable Mac Startup Sound

How to Disable Mac Startup Sound

An Apple Macintosh computer starts with a sound dubbed the “StartUp Sound,” played every time the machine is powered on. The Happy Mac, Sad Mac, and Chimes of Death launch sounds are available on Macintosh computers.

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How to Enable Automatic macOS System Software Updates

Enable Automatic Update for macOS

It has been a great convenience to have the automatic updates of macOS system software to the latest version. Once you set up automatic updates, you no longer require to update manually. Every time the latest version launches, your macOS version switches to the latest version.

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How to Fix Macbook Black Screen after Sleep

fix macbook black screen after sleep

Sometimes users encounter problems when waking up their Mac from sleep. Usually, a MacBook does not take longer than 0.5 seconds to wake from sleep mode. But if that doesn’t happen and the screen stays black for a more extended period, then you have to take a few steps to overcome that issue.

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How to Delete specific History from Safari on Mac

delete specific history safari

Safari is a browser specifically for all Apple devices. This browser, like all others, keeps track of all browsing activity. This feature comes in handy if you want to revisit a page or go through a website you saw last week. By doing that, you can effortlessly search for that page in the history and revisit it, saving you time to search for it all over again.

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How to Clear Cookies in Safari​ Browser on Mac

how to clear cookies safari

HTTP Cookies are text files containing tiny bits of data stored on a web browser. Websites use these cookies to track the activities of a user. In this way, these websites can target ads and other features for that user depending on the user’s search history or activity.

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How to Turn Off Read Receipts on iPhone

disable Read Receipts on iPhone

iMessage is a convenient way to send and receive messages across all Apple devices and read receipts. Read receipts show the tiny seen next to the message you have sent read by the receiver. This assures the sender that the recipient has seen his/her message.

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