How to Fix Macbook Black Screen after Sleep

fix macbook black screen after sleep

Sometimes users have encountered problems when waking up their Mac from sleep. Usually, a MacBook does not take longer than 0.5 seconds to wake from sleep mode. But if that doesn’t happen and the screen stays black for a longer period, then you have to take a few steps to overcome that issue.

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How to Delete specific History from Safari on Mac

delete specific history safari

Safari is a browser specifically for all the Apple devices. This browser like all others, keep a track of all the browsing activity. This feature comes handy if you want to revisit a page or you want to go through a website you saw last week. For doing that you can easily search for that page in the history and revisit it, saving your time to search for it all over again.

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How to Clear Cookies in Safari​ Browser on Mac

how to clear cookies safari

HTTP Cookies are text files that contain tiny bits of data that are stored on a web browser. These cookies are used by websites to track the activities of a user. In this way, these websites can target ads and other features for that user depending upon the search history of the user or activity of the user.

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How to Turn Off Read Receipts on iPhone

disable Read Receipts on iPhone

iMessage is a convenient way to send and receive the message across all Apple devices and so read receipt. Read receipts show the tiny seen next to the message you have sent is read by the receiver. This assures sender that his/her message has been seen by the recipient.

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How to Add Attachment to Email on iPhone​

add attachment to iphone email

Email is a perfect solution to send messages, photos, clips, files and other important documents within seconds. All email service providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook offers this feature with a limitation of 25MB at one time. You can send as many emails as you wish.

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How to Set Alarm on MacBook

how to set alarm on macbook

Setting up an alarm on your MacBook is not an easy task as you set up on your iOS device. There is no such Clock app available for iPhone and iPad where you can set alarm. But still, there are some more features available on MacBook that make this possible and you can easily get alerts sound, notification sound for the time you have enabled.

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