How to Make a Screenshot into a Link

Providing a link or the whole article rather than simply a picture of the content when giving information to a broad audience is often preferable.

If you have a Mac or Windows PC, you may copy and paste your screenshot into a link. Upload a screenshot of your desktop or laptop screen.

how to make a screenshot into a link

Using your Mac or Windows PC, you now can take a photo of anything and have it instantaneously link to a place on the internet.

All you require is an operational internet service and a snapshot of the page.

A document snapshot may be linked in a variety of ways

  • Using add-ons has become commonplace and primarily accepted.
  • It is necessary to take advantage of web-based services.

To share your screenshots with others, you need to install a screenshot sharing extension for your browser.

If you have a limited amount of time to complete your task, employing an internet connection attachment is convenient.

You may use the Extension to turn a snapshot into a URL

Browser extensions are accessible on the Internet that may help you get more done in less time. There are many different types of browser extensions available. Additional screen-capture add-ons are available for you to pick from.

Lightshot is the tool we suggest for folks who want to surf the web using the Google Chrome web browser. You can get it and use it for free, and it’s a terrific addition to your browsing experience. 


Download and install it now. Alternatively, you may offer a direct link to your snapshot on the game’s official website as a replacement for the screenshot.

download lightshot as a alternative

Inside its four walls, the entire contents of a minor, easily transportable storage container are held in place.

Choose the “Download for Free” option from the menu on the official website’s menu, and then patiently wait for the process to be completed before proceeding. Lightshot is an entirely free software program.

If you do not choose to utilize the online service, you may upload images to Google and share them with others by installing the Google Chrome extension on your computer. 

install extension

You may also copy photographs and search for similar images without needing to create an account with the website. To save a screenshot of your screen, download and install the extension, print your screen, and choose the area to save.

It is accessible from anywhere on the screen by clicking the toolbar at the bottom of the picture.


To share a screenshot, use an internet service to create a link to it

Upload an image of a screenshot to a website and include a link to the picture on the page that contains the image.

Some internet service providers have the capability of establishing an internet connection by dragging and dropping two or more objects into the right spot.

Paste Pics, on the other hand, is people’s personal favorite.

Text attachments are more difficult to comprehend than photos, while images allow URL shortening. Lightshot

Using the official website, you may complete your assignment in minutes by clicking on a few buttons on your computer screen.

upload file

Upon successful upload, you will see the URL of the file in a pop-up window.

upload file

You may customize your picture and URL shortening to meet your tastes and requirements by picking them from the options menu. The program now offers additional capabilities, including text, cropping, marking, and scaling, resulting from the enhancements.

customize image with tools

Consider if this is something you’d want to accomplish right now.

There are a few qualities that stand out:

  • You can see a picture captured on video on the screen of your computer
  • I chose a wide-angle lens to photograph the image since it was difficult to get close to it otherwise.
  • There have already been plans in motion.
  • It is possible to make animated GIFs and movies from screenshots and other types of animated GIFs and films.
  • Make a mental note of it for later reference.
  • To make your website more visually pleasing, you may use text and icon components.

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