How to Make a Screenshot into a Link

It is always unsafe to send complete information or link than just a screenshot. So it is always a better idea to share a screenshot with adding a link into it.

You can easily make a screenshot into a link on both Mac and Windows PC. All you need is to have an active internet connection and a screenshot.

how to make a screenshot into a link

There are two ways to create a screenshot into a link

  1. Using extensions
  2. Using Online service

If you have a regular work on screenshots and sharing to others then we recommend you to use an extension which is available for most of the browsers such as Google Chrome.

If you have a limited work then, using online link attachment is the best for you.

Create a screenshot into a link using Extension

There are so many useful extensions available for your browser in order to boost your productivity. And when it comes for screen capturing, there are also many extensions available.

We recommend you to use Lightshot if you are using Chrome browser. It is one of the best and free extension. You can also drag your screenshot into the official website and create a link.

It is easy to use, lightweight add on for all your need.

Just go to the official website, click on Download Lightshot for free button and wait till the download process gets completed.

NOTE: There are more advanced features available if you use extension instead of online service such as uploading, sharing, save, copy, looking for similar images on Google and much more.

Once you have downloaded and installed the extension, just print the screen and choose the require area which you wish to capture.


Underneath the screenshot there is toolbar offering you the features, click on the required function.

Tip: For individual tutorials of all steps involved, visit here.

Once the link is created, you can manually share with anyone.

Add screenshot into a link using online services

There are so many online services available that let you create a link by just drag and drop option.

You can also use Lightshot but we recommend using Paste.Pics which is more clear and you can also shorten your link.

Just open the official website, either browse your photo or drag it on the space provided.

Once it successfully uploaded, it provides you a link there.

paste pics

You can shorten the link from the options and also edit your screenshot from there. Some features are adding text, cropping, marking, scaling, and many others.

Do you like to go for Pro?

If you are looking for professional screen capturing software and recorder then the best software is Snagit which offers you amazing features.

Some of the features are

  • Screen capturing and recording
  • Panoramic capture
  • Pre-made layouts
  • Create Videos/ GIFs from a screenshot
  • Add annotate
  • Add texts & icons

There are so many other professional features are available if you have Snagit. This is a paid software but you can try it for free.

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