It is very rightly said,

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures.

So you can better guess the power for videos and animation. But what if you have a collection of pictures and videos and make it to a single movie?

You need to have a perfect Slideshow maker. And for this reason today we are going to review Movavi Slideshow Maker. Here we are going to cover all pros, cons, merits, demerits, features in one single page.

movavi slideshow maker review

If you are really looking for purchasing Movavi Slideshow Maker, then must read this Movavi Slideshow Maker Review completely in order to find all basic details.

This is true that most of us bending towards video editors, photo editors in the recent time, but so far we have noticed many users now looking for best slideshow maker in order to make their collections perfect.

Now the videos, slideshows are no longer limited to our phone only. This is the time of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook where you can share your collections with the world.

Let us check whether Movavi Slideshow Maker is the perfect solution for this or not.

Movavi Slideshow Maker


Pricing is the biggest factor in choosing any software. So far we have found the prices are really affordable when we make a ratio between the features and price.

Currently, there are two version Slideshow Maker and Slideshow Maker Plus. And available in Annual and Lifetime plans.

For WindowsFor Mac
Personal licensePersonal license
Business licenseBusiness license

NOTE: We are running special promotions for our readers where you can get an extra discount than usually shown in the website. Check the above price table for more savings.

This software is also available for the Business purpose and you can also check them if you are using it for business purpose. Later on, we are going to discuss the difference between different plans.


Compatibility is always the biggest issue for using any software. So make sure you meet all the requirements.

And one pro tip is, try using the trial version, and check whether it is working fine or not. The best thing is, Movavi Slideshow Maker is available for both Mac and Windows PC.

We have tested this software on both platforms and the results were super amazing. Everything works fine with zero complaints.

Check out the minimum requirements to use this Slideshow Maker.

System Requirements for Windows PC

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 with recent updates.

Processor: Intel, Dual-core processor with minimum 1.5GHz.

Graphics Card: Compatible graphic cards with latest versions.

RAM: Minimum 2 GB RAM for the smooth functioning of all features.

Hard Drive Storage: We recommend to have at least 1GB free space to use this software.

Requirements for MacBook

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

Processor: 64-bit Intel Processor

Display: 32-bit color with 1280 × 768 screen resolution

RAM: Minimum 256 MB RAM

Hard Drive Storage: We recommend to have at least 1GB free space to use this software.

So these are some major requirements you must fulfil in order to use this Slideshow Maker.

User Experience

To be very honest, when writing this review, our team has reviewed other Slideshow Makers in order to better understand this software.

Overall, we found Movavi Slideshow Maker build quality is truly exceptional. The real experience is amazing. We didn’t find any difficulties in getting through each and every major feature.

Everything is available in its dashboard. Also, the working space is nice to do creative work.

For a better idea, have you ever seen and video editing dashboard?

It is just similar to that. You can just upload your pictures, clips on it and drag the things to adjust where you like. From there only, you can add different titles, transitions, stickers, audio files, and much more.

And finally, you can see everything you have edited, applied, and the changes you have made in the preview area.


Now comes the main part!

Features are something that makes this software different from others and we are going to discuss some of the best features available in this software.


Transitions are something to switch pictures smoothly without any cut. And there are a lot of different translations available in Movavi Slideshow Maker. You can make choice as per your slideshow maker. You can turn transition fast, medium, slow, or whatever ratio suits you.

Almost every time of transitions available from different angles in order to make your slideshow perfect for your viewers.

The adjustment between two media is so perfectly made such that it looks realistic and creative.

There are more than 216 transitions available in different categories.


Create stylish intros and outros with best class animated titles. If you just consider the title as the words written below the clips, then you are totally wrong.

You can add titles built with animations and use wherever you like on your slideshow. And you can also add flashy titles to bring the attraction of the viewers.

Take a look below

slideshow maker title

It fits in all moments such as Birthday, Family trips, weddings, friends, and other occasions. Choose whatever you require, wherever you need. It’s all up to you.

Overall, there are over 326 titles available for different categories.


So many filters are available in Movavi Slideshow Maker. It is really very hard to define filters functionality in this page than it originally appears on the running slideshow. Here is one screenshot from the clip.

Movavi Slideshow Maker filters

These filters make your still photo as running. Also, there are multiple stickers available for different themes of your slideshow to make it more creative.

For example, if you are making a slideshow for birthday parties, you can add a birthday sticker, caps, flashy lights, and much more.

Themed Music

Music is a necessary part of any slideshow to make the perfect combination between the picture and video.

There are different options to add music to your slideshow, you can either use your personal favourite music or use built-in themed music (Inspiration, Happy Home, Romantic Guitar, etc.)

And the best thing which we mostly miss on other Slideshow Makers is, the volume adjustment and effects while running slideshow. Somewhere we require higher volume and sometimes slower. This all can be done easily with live preview.

Media Library

There are different in-built multimedia available as a sample media to add extra things in your slideshow. You can use the default music, pictures, video clips to make it more creative.

It is always nice to have a media library as in-built. It helps you to create beautiful memories as a slideshow with very limited resources.

Suppose if you have only 5-6 pictures and no music at all, you can use the library to add other such things.

Picture Adjustment

No more photo editing before uploading your pictures to Movavi Slideshow Maker. It can all be done here with all basic tool available for picture adjustments.

You can make photos and pictures vibrating with impressive designs and colors. You can pan and zoom the pictures and videos for in-depth creativity.

All these adjustments are done individually, this means it does not change other parts of your clips and this is, of course, the best thing.

This slideshow maker works with almost all widely user photo, video formats and you don’t require any conversion format apart from this.

Voice Over

To give your slideshow more touch, you can add your own voice wherever you required and also the combination of music plus your own voice exactly how the playback music works behind the romantic talks.

You can adjust your voice volume in different parameters parallels to the music you require as background.

And this is really very simple to perform this function. Now no longer you require to add your own commentary using other third-party tools. Everything is available in the same place.

Supported Languages

More than 14 languages available for its interface languages including, English, Italian, Chinese, Germany, Turkish, Indonesian.

Direct uploading

You can share your final Slideshow directly to the social platforms including YouTube within the app.

No more download/upload again and again. Also, you can share with your family and friends directly from the Movavi Slideshow Maker platform.

This really saves your time a lot.

So this is all about the review of this amazing software. I guess, we have covered almost all major features one must be expecting from any Slideshow Maker.

Final Comments

In our test, Movavi Slideshow Maker stands as per our expectations and we really loved using it. Nice, clean, easy to use platform for personal as well as business usage. Comes with 1-Year and Lifetime license gives users complete flexibility to choose.

On the tech side, it is smooth, fast, and lightweight. It occupies 93.8 MB for Mac and just 57.8 MB for Windows which is way to low when compared with other Slideshow Makers.

Overall, the experience is so nice and you must definitely make a choice to go for this.

We hope you find the information really useful and made your final choice. Follow us on FacebookTwitter for the latest technology articles and software deals.

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