Best Free Slideshow Maker 2022

To make a perfect impression on our video collections or pictures collections we do our all efforts but if you are not using the slideshow maker then you definitely miss many things.

So we have decided to make an article for the best free slideshow maker for every user.

Best Free Slideshow Maker

The best thing is that the final image you have created supports different formats or can be downloaded in many formats so that you can use it across all platforms such as Smartphones, PC, iPad, and others.

There are many free slideshow Maker that provides you with great features but if you are looking for a bit more surprising slideshows then definitely you must try some paid software that is not so expensive.

Why use Slideshow maker?

The Slideshow is a perfect platform where you can add text, make edit composition, fancy transition effects and background audio.

No matters whether you are preparing slides for business or wedding invitations to birthday greetings, everywhere you can use Slideshow makers software.

It is easy to use, quick to navigate features, and much more!

5 Best Slideshow Maker

1. Movavi Slideshow Maker


This is a perfect choice for every type of user. Create stunning slideshows with a combination of pictures and videos. Have fun with 150+ filters, 100+ transitions, 40+ titles. It also offers you an in-built track or users can use their own music.

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Features of Movavi Slideshow Maker

  • Automatic slideshow composition
  • Built-in media gallery
  • Amazing Transitions
  • Colour enhancement to photo and video
  • Full Audio editing
  • Better pan and zoom feature
  • Direct upload to YouTube.

Movavi Slideshow comes with a free version with limited feature access. But you can also go with premium personal and business plans.

There are many offers currently running on Movavi products, check it here.

This is our personal recommendation as we have seen many happy customers who are using this are 100% satisfied.



If you are specifically looking for creating professional videos, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, or any other social media ads then go for Promo. It works best for every industry level from marketing to e-Commerce.

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If you are especially focusing on selling products using promotion slideshows then is a must.

Slidely Features

  • Readymade video template
  • Fully licensed music
  • Support multiple formats
  • Add watermarks
  • Add own logo is designed for professionals and comes with different plans. Currently, there are three plans Basic, Standard, and Pro plan.

3. Proshow Gold

ProShow Gold

Proshow is another great software that offers you to make a slideshow. Add from your computer or import from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram and more. There are tons of effects and filters with which you can also add 3D images.

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Proshow Gold offers you extra apart from just a slideshow maker. You can also make a video, share it online, and burn DVDs. This is more than just making a slideshow.

Proshow Gold Features

  • 950+ built-in effects and filters
  • 330+ royalty-free music tracks
  • 50+ popular formats like 4K, DVD, Blu-ray
  • Built-in editing tools

Proshow Gold comes with a single plan with a lifetime subscription. But you can also grab a free trial period.

4. Icecream Slideshow Maker

Icecream Slideshow Maker

Meet one of the best in class, user-friendly and intuitive working platforms for slideshow. Turn your favourite audio in the background of different images with smooth transitions. It is so quick to use and do not require any professional knowledge. Just add a bunch of photos, clips, add music, use dance transitions and your slideshow is ready.

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Icecream Slideshow Maker

  • Restore history
  • Transition time control
  • Add custom fonts text
  • Burn slideshow to DVD or CD instantly after creation
  • 4K Slideshow
  • Sharing with YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive.

Icecream Slideshow maker comes with free plans with restricted features but if you are looking to enjoy full benefits then you must buy the pro version.

5. Bannersnack


Bannersnack is a web-based slideshow creator and you don’t require any software installation as other slideshow makers require. It also offers you to add your own brand logo to make the slideshow more trustworthy, impactful and trustable.

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Bannersnack allows you to create smooth yet powerful slideshows that make your presence impactful in from of everyone.

Our Recommendation

I hope you find this information useful and definitely choose the best one for you. Still, in confusion? We personally recommended you try the Movavi Slideshow maker. It offers you free as well as a paid subscription. It is a wonderfully designed platform to work it and you definitely love this!

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