Movavi vs Filmora: The Best Comparison in 2023

When we create videos, we always wonder which video editor is the best under a specific budget.

Well, there are so many video editors available in the market today, here we are going to compare two well-known video editors. The first is Movavi Video Editor Plus, and the second is Wondershare Filmora.

movavi vs filmora

This is a detailed comparison, and we will cover almost every aspect of these two.

Why Video Editor necessary?

If you are already a video content creator, you must know the importance of a video editor. You can make effects, change graphics, control voice, trip/crop video, add thumbnails, and much more.

Also, Video editor provides you with a single platform to optimize your video. You can collectively select all your videos and place them in one place to make a better sequence.

Should I choose a free one?

Whether a Mac or Windows, both have a free video editor installed. For example, in the case of Mac, we have iMovie. This software is sufficient for basic editing with features like transitions, titles, background, colour correction, noise reduction, and much more.

But, if you are seriously looking to beat the competition, you must go with some professional video editors. This gives you more visuals, more attractive transitions, better control of voice, and many other features.

You can choose professional video editors as per your budget as it starts from $30-$35 and goes up to $700-$800.

The best thing is most of the video editors offers you a trial version to test their products; if you like them, go for it or otherwise, check out another one.

The main focus of this tutorial is to clear your every doubt so that you should not waste your time deciding which one is the best.

Filmora vs Movavi – Which one is the Best?


There is not much difference in pricing between this two software. Both these software come in 3 different plans.

Movavi: Video Editor Plus (1-Year), Video Editor Plus (Lifetime), and Super Video Bundle/ Video Suite.

Filmora: Subscription, Perpetual, and Bundle Subscription plans.

When we compare the pricing among different countries, we see Movavi has considerable variations in pricing. If we look at the pricing in the USA, it starts from $39.95, and the same software costs $25 in India.

Check out the pricing of Movavi Video Editor plus in your region. Read Movavi Video Editor Plus review.

We haven’t noticed any price drop for Filmora region wise.

Here definitely, Movavi Video Editor is more economical than Filmora. You can also check the latest Filmora pricing here.


The best thing is both Filmora and Movavi Video Editor are compatible with both Mac and Windows PC.

Here are some of the System Requirements

Movavi System Requirements

movavi system requirements

Filmora System Requirements

filmora system requirements

Looking at their system requirements, we see most PCs and Mac meet these requirements.

But try to have more RAM, Disk space to perform smooth functions.

Ease of Usage

How easy is the platform?

How easy to navigate the features?

Is it easy to edit videos if I am a beginner?

Is there any customer support or user manual available?

These are some of the most common questions asked while looking for a perfect video editor. Our team has been using Movavi and Filmora for the past few months.

We found Movavi is a bit easier to use than Filmora. Filmora is basically for those familiar with video editing on some other platforms. It becomes easier for them to navigate the features.

If you are using a video editor for the first time, you must go with Movavi Video Editor; else, Filmora is perfect for slightly more experienced editors.

Both Movavi and Filmora provides free guides and tutorial for editing. We found Movavi best offers video tutorials and user manuals in different languages.

Filmora is available in 8+ languages, including English, Espanol, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Deutsch, and many others, Whereas, in Movavi, the interface is available in 14 different languages.

Here Movavi Wins!



Talking about the presets, Filmora offers you somehow advancement in transitions backgrounds than Movavi.

But this doesn’t mean Movavi is lacking behind. The only difference is Movavi has its gallery; on the other hand, Filmora offers you to take advantage of third party elements such as from sites like Videohive, Filmstock, and Elemental. Which give is more punch for selective users.


Adding title/texts is essential nowadays; whether it is a beginning, between, or the end of the video, adding title/ texts are crucial nowadays.

In comparison, Filmora has some advantages in adding titles and texts. Along with different fonts and texts, you can also customize the missing dimensions in Movavi Video Editor.

The titles or text designs we see in Movavi are standard in other videos, whereas, in Filmora, you get some uniqueness at every level of editing.

Filmora wins here!

Video Enhancements

Your main aim is to impress your viewers with your video. It is easy to shoot a video but harder to make it impressive. So for this, you require something different, which gives you a perfect combination of overall elements.

Looking for Movavi, we have seen excellent results after automatic enhancement. It automatically sets contrasts matching your video, reduces unnecessary noise, balances voice, and more.

On the other hand, Filmora is more based on manual restoring of the visuals. This is the best way to customize if you have prior knowledge of video editing.

Overall, the basic features for video/ audio enhancement are the same.

Time vs Quality

On our result, the conversion speed was better in Movavi than in Filmora, but when we talk about the quality, Filmora wins here.

Although there was no considerable difference in conversion time, we saw a remarkable difference quality-wise.

We tried to convert video on both platforms. The 65 MB video took about 2:50 minutes in Movavi and about 3:02 minutes in Filmora both in HD formats.

In the speed test, Movavi wins, and quality-wise, Filmora is one step ahead of Movavi!


Well, we concluded finally!

So which is your favourite one here?

Both these video editors are recommended for beginners level editing. If you are looking for bit advanced editing with more resources, then Filmora would be the best for you.

But you must qualify the system requirements.

On the other side, Movavi requires lighter system requirements for both Mac and Windows and offers you decent features overall.

Now it depends on your pocket and your requirements. If you still have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.

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