How to Free Up Space in Gmail

how to free space in gmail

Gmail offers 15GB of the free space to every email a user created. Once it gets full, either you have to purchase storage or delete previous data associated with the email.

15 GB is considered to be enough of you just use it for emails. But Google offers so many services such as Google Drive, Google Photos which keeps on consuming the space and ultimately your storage becomes zero.

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How to Start Windows on Mac

how to run windows on mac for free

Is it really possible to start windows on Mac without any flaws? Can we run Windows applications on MacBook? Or How to switch from Mac to Windows on startup?

These are certain questions for many MacBook users (including me a year ago) that how can this be possible?

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Why does my Internet Speed Slow Down When Using VPN

why does my vpn slow down my internet speed

There are some factors that lead to slowing down your internet speed. I have used almost all top-ranked VPN services and currently, I am using is VPN Unlimited.

The reason why I continuing with VPN Unlimited is no speed break down.

But, what if you have already purchased a VPN service?

Let us try to find out some of the possibilities that affecting your internet speed while using a VPN.

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How to Make Infographic Design Using DesignCap

how to make infographic design

A website or social media post without an eye-catching image is certainly not very attractive. But the problem is, we often collide with the problem before starting to find unique images. Like for example, what if we don’t have skills in design? What if you don’t have design software? What if you don’t have an idea for a design?

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Where is the Junk folder in Gmail?

where is my junk mail in gmail

All the email service providers have a separate place or box to store all the unnecessary or repetitive email received by advertising services or others. These unnecessary emails are popular by the name of email spam and are stored in the spam folder of email services such as Gmail. These emails are also referred to as Junk emails and the spam folder is known as the Junk email folder.

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