Keeping in touch with loved ones and coworkers has never been easier than WhatsApp. We’ve all experienced the frustration of accidentally deleting an important WhatsApp message or thread of conversation.

Whether or whether you have made a backup, WhatsApp gives you many alternatives for retrieving lost messages.

how to restore whatsapp chat

If you’ve accidentally erased your WhatsApp chats, don’t worry, you may get them back in a few different methods depending on whether or not you have made a backup of your conversations. 

Here are a few approaches to consider:

Bring back an old backup.

If you have backed up your conversations on WhatsApp, you may reinstall the app to get back in touch with everyone. Restoring your conversation history from the backup is an option shown during setup. To retrieve your messages, do as instructed.

Back up Google Drive and restore it

Your WhatsApp conversations might be automatically backed up to Google Drive if you use an Android smartphone. After deleting WhatsApp and reinstalling it, you may retrieve your messages by selecting the option to recover them from Google Drive.

Third-Party data retrieval programs:

Without a backup, data recovery software is the only way to get back your lost WhatsApp conversations. EaseUS MobiSaver, Dr.Fone, and Disc Drill are just a few available possibilities. However, remember that there is a chance of data loss or privacy issues and that these programs may not be able to recover all of your messages.

Here’s what you need to do to get your WhatsApp messages back:

  • Reinstall WhatsApp from the app or play store.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to configure WhatsApp.
  • Installing will require you to restore your chat history. Click “Restore” to restore your texts.
  • The recuperation process may take a while, depending on your chat history.

WhatsApp has a built-in backup capability, so if you’ve made a copy of your conversations, you can restore them. WhatsApp users with Android devices who have configured the app to sync their conversation history with Google Drive may retrieve deleted messages by selecting the option to do so after installation.


AnyTrans is an effective solution for managing data that facilitates data transfer and administration across many platforms and devices. One of its many valuable functions is retrieving deleted WhatsApp messages.

This can also help you to restore deleted WhatsApp messages of one contact also if you want!

If you ever erase a conversation from WhatsApp by mistake, this function may help you regain it.

Recovering deleted WhatsApp messages is as simple as using AnyTrans. To use AnyTrans, you must first install software on your computer and link your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to it through a USB cable.

After establishing a connection, click “Social Messages Manager” and pick “WhatsApp.” Your WhatsApp conversations may be backed up and restored from this location.

If you’ve erased or misplaced WhatsApp messages, AnyTrans is a quick and easy solution. Note that AnyTrans requires payment and that there are free options for restoring WhatsApp conversations if you need to do so.

Before shelling out cash for a piece of software, it’s wise first to see what’s available for free. It’s also important to back up your WhatsApp conversations regularly to avoid losing any messages.

AnyTrans makes saving and restoring your WhatsApp chats simple, ensuring they will always be safe.

Remember that if you erase anything from your chat history after making a backup, you won’t be able to get it back. Furthermore, you may only be able to restore your conversations using this method if you have made a backup.

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