How to Hide Snapchat Story Without Blocking

It’s no secret that the photo- and video-sharing app Snapchat has taken the social media world by storm. Sometimes you may want to keep some people out of your Snapchat story.

Fortunately, Snapchat lets you decide who can see your snaps and how they can be shared.

Hide Snapchat Story from Someone

You may want to keep some people out of your Snapchat story. Fortunately, Snapchat lets you decide who can see your snaps and how they can be shared.

Hide Snapchat Story from Someone

Using the “Custom” privacy option and making a “Close Friends” list is one of the simplest methods to hide your Snapchat story from specific individuals. You can decide which friends may see your tale by using these settings.

You should limit who may see your Snapchat story for various reasons:


Snaps you take of yourself may be too intimate to share with anybody who isn’t a close friend or family member. You may safeguard your privacy and ensure that only people you trust have access to your material by keeping your tale hidden from them.

A Profession or a Job

If you use Snapchat and communicate with customers or coworkers, keep work and play separate. If you keep it hidden from them, you can protect your professional and personal connections from any potential damage caused by your personal tale.

Keeping everything calm and peaceful

It’s human to desire to avoid excessive drama and disputes when dealing with persons with whom we have personal difficulties or disagreements. The potential for Snapchat-related misunderstandings or arguments may be reduced by keeping your story hidden from them.

Protects Data

On Snapchat, you can share different things with different circles of friends and followers. Snapchat’s “Custom” privacy feature allows you to restrict access to your Snaps so that only the intended recipients may see them.

Its privacy safeguards protect your personal data, professional reputation, and post visibility.

Snapchat’s “Custom” privacy option allows you to choose which individuals cannot see your story. The procedure is as follows:

  • When you launch Snapchat, swipe right to see the “Stories” tab.
upload photo
  • Snap a photo or upload one to add to your narrative.
my story
  • For the “Story Settings” menu, select “My Story” and then tap the three dots that appear.
  • Under “Who Can View My Story,” choose “Custom.”
choose custom
  • Tap on the names of the persons you wish to conceal your tale.
  • Changes may be preserved by clicking the “Save” button.

Following these steps, your story will be visible to only your selected friends and followers, while everyone else will be able to see it.

Please note that the custom settings you apply to your story will not affect any individual snaps or conversations you may have. Snapchat’s “Delete Chats” function removes material from conversations with specified individuals.

Using the “Custom” privacy setting on Snapchat, you can easily restrict access to your story for specific individuals. These measures allow you to determine who may see your Snapchat content and maintain anonymity.

Creating a “Close Friends” list is another option

  • Launch Snapchat and go to your account page.
go to settings
  • Click the “Settings” button in the upper right.
  • In the “Who Can…” subheading, click “View My Story.”
choose custom
  • Select “Custom” and add the people you want to include as “Close Friends” to your list.
  • Click the “Save” button.

Once you’ve established a Close Friends list, you can restrict access to your most personal photos and videos to that select group of people.

We hope you find this tutorial about “how to hide Snapchat stories without blocking” helpful!

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