YouTube is among the most popular online services of its kind, yet the site has become notorious for the intrusive advertisements that play before, during, and after videos.

how to block ads on youtube app android

Some commercials may be of interest or relevance, but they often serve only to annoy and distract. Thankfully, several ways exist to avoid seeing YouTube commercials on Android devices.

YouTube adblockers are programs or browser add-ons that remove annoying video advertisements. The point of an ad blocker is to eliminate annoying commercial breaks in your watching experience.

Ad-blocking methods for YouTube App

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is an alternative program that adds ad blocking and the ability to play videos in the background to the standard YouTube app. It eliminates advertisements by using a proprietary ad-blocking library.


Download the official APK file to install YouTube Vanced on your Android phone.

Download an ad-blocking app

AdGuard or Adblock Plus can disable Android YouTube ads. These programs prevent advertising from reaching your device by preventing its transmission from specific ad servers.

Download an ad-blocker app from the App Store, then turn on the ad-blocking option in the app’s settings, and you’re ready to go. You may still support your favorite content producers by allowing channels or videos in certain ad blockers.

Install an ad-blocking Browser

Modern browsers like Firefox and Brave provide ad-free YouTube and other content. Using ad blocklists and anti-tracking technology, these browsers shield you from unwanted advertising and tracking.


You can avoid ads on Android by installing a browser from the Google Play Store that includes ad blocking and then activating the option from inside the browser’s settings.


Pi-hole is a network-wide ad blocker that can be installed on any device in your house to prevent adverts from appearing on YouTube and other sites. It may be installed on a Raspberry Pi or any other network appliance, and it blocks advertisements by changing DNS settings.


Setting up a Raspberry Pi or other device and installing the Pi-hole software is required. You must also change your router’s DNS settings to point to the Pi-hole.

Try out NewPipe

NewPipe is a freeware and open-source YouTube client with ad-blocking and background-playing capabilities. NewPipe effectively blocks ads thanks to its specialized ad-blocking library.


To start with NewPipe, get the APK file from their site and install it onto your Android gadget. You’ll also need to go into the app’s settings and turn on ad blocking.

Block YouTube ads using AdLock

AdLock for YouTube is an ad-blocking tool developed solely to remove advertisements from YouTube videos. The AdLock for YouTube software eliminates advertisements by using a specialized ad-blocking library.


Youtube Premium

Ad-free streaming is a massive draw for subscribers to YouTube Premium. When using this function, you won’t have to worry about commercial breaks while watching videos.


Although YouTube Premium is not an ad blocker, it does remove advertisements from the YouTube website. Subscribers to YouTube Premium can watch videos without commercial breaks.

These are the most reliable methods for preventing YouTube advertising on Android devices.

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