How to Sync an iPhone to a Computer

how to sync an iphone to a computer

If you use an iPhone, you’ll probably want to utilize it to back up data or import images from your PC. Because the two devices function so well together, using an iPhone with a Mac is undoubtedly more straightforward than using one with a PC.

When macOS Monterey is released this fall, you’ll be able to take up a job you began on your phone on your Mac, and you’ll soon be able to AirPlay multimedia from your iPhone to your Mac.

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How to Fix Gmail Offline Unavailable

how to access gmail offline

The ability to access and use Gmail even when you aren’t connected to the internet is critical in many domains of work.

Working from anywhere is convenient, but it’s essential to be aware of the steps you must take to keep your Gmail account active even when you aren’t connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or cellular data connections.

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How to Free Up Space in Gmail

how to free space in gmail

Gmail offers 15GB of free space to every email a user creates. Once it gets full, either you have to purchase storage or delete previous data associated with the email.

15 GB is considered enough for you to use for emails. But Google offers so many services, such as Google Drive Google Photos, which keeps on consuming the space, and ultimately your storage becomes zero.

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