We have been utilizing MacPaw’s CleanMyMac X ever since it was first released, and as a result, we feel confident in recommending it to all of our users.

The user experience is clean and straightforward to operate, and the client doesn’t need to have any previous understanding of Mac administration or complex shell instructions.

cleanmymac x review

If someone recklessly removes all the documents without evaluating which ones want to preserve. It has the potential to inflict damage, just like any other optimal control program, regardless of whether it is free or not.

CleanMyMac X prevents this. Thus you must adjust the default settings to delete sensitive data.

Regardless of how old your computer is, CleanMyMac X can eventually make it feasible for you to maintain your Macintosh operating as quickly as possible while optimizing its existing funds.

One of the most well-known cleanup applications for Macs is called CleanMyMac. In 2008, Ukrainian software programmer MacPaw established this company, which now provides a wide variety of applications designed to maintain, enhance, and safeguard Apple computers.

The purpose of CleanMyMac X is to maintain your Macintosh machine free of debris so that it continues to function as if it were brand new.

When Macintosh customers run out of storage capacity, the cause is most often because of file storage, which causes the setting of their computer to be less than optimum.

You will never have to worry about manually cleaning your system once more with CleanMyMac since it has a toolset that does all the work for you.

CleanMyMac X Detailed Review

Do You Need to Clean Your Mac?

Your disc space is complete if you’re a multimedia producer who makes a lot of stuff or uses hefty applications.

This is particularly true for video creators. Customers don’t realize how quickly they’re utilizing a CD until the final few GB.
Most apps that promise to remove disc space are viruses.

Never! Your Macintosh doesn’t require third-party “cleaning,” “optimizing,” “speeding up,” anti-virus, VPNs, or safety products, and you should never use them.

CleanMyMac X is a risk-free, all-in-one Macintosh cleaner that eliminates garbage and malware. Risky?
The Mac’s Security Registry and honors from the industry are evidence of its safety.

CleanMyMac X functionalities

CleanMyMac X is primarily an application for cleansing and optimizing your Mac, while it also includes some fundamental features for protecting your safety and confidentiality.

smart scan cleanmymac

This utility can scan and remove the trash, system logs, and files. In addition, it comes with features that may improve the overall efficiency of your Macintosh.

The best thing is, it is all seen from your home screen of a MacBook. Check out the screenshot below.

cleanmymac shortcut

System Trash

Utilizing the System Junk analyzer, users can locate all kinds of stuff that is not essential on the Macintosh.

This comprises caching the system and individual users, new disc pictures, system logs, transfers, and other data. This is far quicker than actively searching for such folders, as with most cleanup applications for Macintosh.

system trash

This indicates that you may free up some space on your Macintosh in a concise amount of time.

Most unnecessary files that might take up terabytes of storage capacity are often stored in the “System Junk” folder. Those documents are created routinely, and it is safe to delete them once they have been used.

For instance, most space may be recovered after eliminating obsolete caching items and records, languages not being utilized, extra copies of files, and rubbish generated by Xcode.

Mail Connections

This tool searches your Macintosh for email links saved into your computer drive and looks for them using the Email Connections tool. After that, you can erase it with only one touch.

CleanMyMac will only erase locally stored files, leaving the originals in your email. Additionally, it will not destroy documents if you have edited them, which is an excellent feature to have since it is probable that you will want to preserve such files.

When you open a new attachment in Mail on your Macintosh, those applications will store a duplicate of the file on your hard drive. If you get many photos, PDFs, or even little corporate logos, CleanMyMac will locate a significant amount of content that may be deleted.

Waste Receptacles (Trash Bins)

The Trash Bins function in CleanMyMac offers more than simply clearing your regular trash can. Additionally, it searches for destroyed files in other locations on your Mac, such as in your picture collection and your Mails application.

It’s not a proper function at all. When you want to clear up your garbage, it is far more efficient to utilize a keyboard action rather than launch a particular application.

If you remove files from your Mac, they will go to the Trash. However, it will not be removed from your device. Occasionally you might not even be aware that a garbage bin is available to you.

For instance, every disc partition, as well as every external hard drive, has its very possess secret bin. In addition, applications such as Email and Pictures each have their trash bins.

This software also helps you to uninstall unwanted applications which is very much hectic if done manually. With some simple steps, you can easily uninstall any app without harming other apps running behind.

uninstall applications

Trash Bins is a utility that searches your Macintosh for all the rubbish files you have and lets you clear them simultaneously, so you don’t have to go through every nook and cranny of your computer.

Elimination of Malware

If you require security software, you’ll feel happy to know the following: CleanMyMac provides real-time security in addition to scanning that may be initiated on request.

malware removal

It will discover and delete suspected problematic programs that may include advertising, illegal content, and another program that could not be reliable. This is in addition to scanning for infections, malware, and other similar dangers.

PUAs could use any apps which may not be trustable. The ability to plan checks is not available, but the security provided instantaneously must be sufficient.

The Malware Removal component is CleanMyMac’s primary defense against ransomware, hackers, trackers, and other threats. It conducts a thorough scan for undesirable “-ware” on your Macintosh and delivers the best possible results. Its library of malicious software is constantly maintained at least once every seven days.


This section of CleanMyMac allows you to take command of the active processes on your Macintosh once it first boots up. You can control launching brokers in addition to applications, which operate in the meantime.

cleanmymac optimization

This essentially replicates what you are currently able to do in the System Settings of a Macintosh. Still, it provides users with more flexibility and a much more extensive list of programs that users can prohibit from the beginning when you boot up your Mac.

Find your list of possible optimizations

During this portion of the program, CleanMyMac will collect the following items:

  • Login Programs are applications that are started immediately after your Mac has been turned on.
  • Launching Agents are resource-intensive, but they improve the primary program.
  • Suspended apps are programs that have failed to react related to a particular difficulty but are not accessible from the App Store. CleanMyMac can terminate the operation of these applications since it is very probable they cannot be used at this stage.
  • Massive Users are programs that make considerable use of the capabilities of your Macintosh, mainly the CPU. You may leave them to spread the characteristics of your Macintosh more efficiently. These programs are not accessible via the Apple Store.


The application will do tasks like repairing processes, unfreezing programs that have frozen, and other functions of a similar kind to free up space on your Macintosh and enhance its functioning.

You’ve made your choices; now, it’s only a matter of pressing the Run button to start the applications. How much these things affect your Macintosh depends on your use, but it’s still a worthwhile collection.

Your Macintosh can work more efficiently if you optimize it regularly and conduct critical tests. Running them individually could be tedious, but the Maintenance module will do all the demanding jobs, so users don’t have to worry about it.

The Drop-Down Display on the Dashboard

The application’s pull-down menu is conveniently located on the dashboards of your Macintosh, giving you quick and easy accessibility to it whenever you need it. List of hard discs with their used and remaining storage capacity.

Additional categories on the drop-down menu provide you a condition summary of your Macintosh by displaying Information such as the amount of accessible memory (RAM), the energy life, the percentage of CPU utilization, the connection bandwidth, the amount of storage accessible on your Dropbox, and the contents of the waste basket.


If you use DropBox, the drop-down condition summary of CleanMyMac will be able to offer you up-to-the-minute Information on the total amount of free space that is now available on your online store.

But it becomes much more vital. The most recent release of the application includes several new features and enhancements, as well as a new tab labeled “Security,” which consists of the capability to “Real-time monitoring for viruses” in the drop-down list of that section.

Although it is not nearly as effective as other anti-malware programs, it does provide some level of defense against malicious software.

That wraps up our thoughts on the application for the panel. Tap “Launch CleanMyMac X” to open the application’s main menu if you wish to undertake a deep clean.

This option is available if you want to go above and beyond and do a clean sweep on your machine. This is helpful Information if you want to do a clean sweep on your system to eliminate unwanted files.


When it comes to the actions of the general population, particularly those that take place online, the executive suites of large firms and the courts of many countries sometimes struggle to articulate why it is vital and desirable to defend the government’s right to anonymity.


They see the right of the citizens to privacy as a shield against government oversight. A dedication to secrecy demonstrates respect not just for the community as a whole but also for individual members.

It is essential to have faith in organizations, and it substantially influences an organization’s reputation to a considerable extent.

Because the obvious is so obvious, it isn’t easy to adequately express it. Because of this, many people are now using services provided by virtual private network providers.

The pursuit of complete anonymity requires consistent effort. In addition, the Security enhancement program that comes with CleanMyMac will be of assistance to you if you decide to play your role.

Your Macintosh will preserve a record of your actions, both those that take place online and those that you do directly so that you can retrieve the information more quickly. The data might potentially invade your privacy.

Use the Security component to remove any undesirable traces, such as chat histories, browser history, caches, transfers, and other current items collections.

The Privacy module displays programs and their rights, such as exposure to your webcam, microphones, documents, and directories, if your Mac has been upgraded to macOS Catalina or a later operating system version. You can check any rights given and revoke them if necessary.

Space Lens

With CleanMyMac’s newest feature, Space Lens, a component of the extensive suite of solutions the company offers, you will have the power to check your whole filesystem rapidly.

cleanmymac spacelens

Space Lens is one of the company’s most recent product releases. In addition, several of the previous examinations of CleanMyMac did not include it because of how new it is due to the rapid growth of the software.

This brand new tool provides a quick size summary of your machine, allowing you to explore your memory while also gaining an instantaneous understanding of what is using the maximum capacity.

If you’re short on time but need to remove superfluous content from your CDs, utilizing the Space Lens application may help you locate the folders that use the most space quickly. This would be the case even if you’re working against the clock.

space lens cleanmymac x

Each stage should be a graphic. Circles indicate computer items and directories. These circles open files when clicked. For example, the circles with intense colors indicate directories, but the circles without any fill suggest that they are documents.

The quantity of storage space that each circle takes up on the disc increases proportionally with its size.

We have walked you through the newest features

It’s been a long time in the making, but the CleanMyMac crew is now ready to show you their latest effort. I meant to keep an eye on your Mac’s condition so that it won’t fail you at the essential time.


Already, CleanMyMac is keeping tabs on the CPU’s heat and activity level. On the other hand, the new edition takes a step higher by allowing users to see the most resource-intensive applications, the system’s availability, and any odd traffic surges.

RAM is another name for memory.

Using the Fresh Menu, you may determine if you can safely continue pressing your Mac’s capabilities to the limit. The program that uses too much RAM must be shut down.

Data-storing hard disc

Memory drives, like all other components of your Mac, degrade over time. To avoid data loss, use this diagnostic software to maintain tabs on the amount of accessible space, the drive’s heat, and the drive’s health.


Model-to-model variation exists in the number of charge sessions supported by lithium-ion batteries in your Macintosh. You can now see the exact number of your Macintosh, the general condition of your batteries, and how long it will take to recharge entirely using our new monitoring tools.


The safety mechanism has been completely rethought and reworked. Your Mac’s security status and the most recent information upgrade’s time stamp may be seen right from the menu bar.

Assistance to Clients

You may access their Help section at the bottom of their webpage, where you will discover comprehensive Information And understanding.

They have made every effort to address any concerns that may arise. This website provides extensive information on CleanMyMac’s capabilities, licenses and memberships, efficiency techniques, coupon codes, and a step-by-step tutorial for “Starting Up.”

MacPaw invites its much more tech-savvy customers to report any spyware they’ve identified and wish the firm to investigate. In addition, they have a website exclusively devoted to answering the many concerns often. This ensures client safety.

CleanMyMac X Cost

The number of computers for which you decide to purchase or enroll in the CleanMyMac X program is the primary factor determining the software’s price.

$34.95 for a single Mac computer

For two Macs, the fee is $54.95

5 Mac computers for $79.95

cleanmymac pricing

On the other hand, if you are interested in making a one-time purchase, you will be required to pay $89.95 for one Mac device, $134.95 for two Mac devices, and $199.95 for five Macintosh devices.

If you alter your views or are unhappy with their product, they provide a money-back promise that is good for thirty days.


  • Great tools for maintaining the storage of Macs
  • Huge toolkit
  • Quick installation
  • A quick check for viruses
  • Bright, user-friendly UI.
  • Security checkers that is efficient in both cleaning and tuning


  • Updater missed some app updates.
  • Spyware Remediation had a variety of different effects.
  • Without any security against potentially harmful or deceptive internet sites
  • Not relevant, according to our hands-on testing

Bottom line

Even though CleanMyMac X executes the majority of its tasks in a commendable manner and offers an excellent method for removing GBs of data of unutilized structure from your computer, the software still struggles to keep up and execute each of its components in a manner that is on par with its other capabilities.

Aside from that, the program makes outrageous claims, exceeds reasonable expectations, and places itself in a place nearly no one could ever aspire to.

CleanMyMac X provides a wide array of utilities that are simple to operate and can swiftly clear up storage on your computer as well as delete items that might be malicious.

The fact that all of its functions continue to operate exactly as they did when they were first introduced makes for an excellent blend of performance, aesthetics, and the pleasure they provide to users.

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