5 Top Tips for Staying Safe and Secure on Public WiFi networks

When you see free Public WiFi sometimes in Coffee Shops, Airports or in any place. You immediately connect your smartphone or laptop with that Wi-Fi. But at the same time, you must be aware of some Wi-Fi safety before connecting to it. There are many hackers having prying eyes on your system after connecting to that Wi-Fi. So be safe while using Wi-Fi and have a secure public WiFi to access your bank account information or any of your personal information.

I personally recommend you to use VPN services as it is the best way to keep your devices secure without coming to the radar of the WiFi network.

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how to stay safe on public wifi

Here are the 5 Top Tips for staying safe on public WiFi. Follow these Tips to avoid any casualties in future while using public Wi-Fi.

5 Top Tips for Staying Secure on Public Wi-Fi

1. Use VPN 

This is the first and foremost important thing that you must have on your PC or Smartphone to stay safe while using public Wi-Fi in coffee shops, lounge or any place where you are using Public Wi-Fi. Using VPN service, this hides your current location by changing its IP address and you cannot be caught by the hackers nearby you. There are many VPN service provider like ExpressVPNHide Me, Private Internet Access and much more. These are all premium VPN services which means you have to buy it before using. But you can use trial period offered by Hide Me VPN in case you are not frequently using public Wi-Fi.

2. Checkthe HTTPs Website.

HTTPs sites ensure that whatever information you have on that website is secure and no other can see your details if the website is having HTTPs extension. You can easily check is there is a lock like a logo in website link (see below screenshot).


3. Use Anti-Virus

Nowadays Anti-Virus is must for every PC or Smartphones, but when it comes out for using your device in public Wi-Fi then it becomes utmost important to have Anti-Virus. Always use updated Anti-Virus in your system as it shows the first signal of the unsecured network or any virus attack on your PC or smartphone. Some of the best Anti-virus are BullGuard, ScanGuard, Norton and much more.

4. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is something like a protective layer of security which ensures that you are the only person that access the account even if someone knows your account password.

Let us take an example for Two-Factor Authentication, Suppose you have a Gmail account if you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication then during log in it will ask for a password and in next step, it will send a confirmation code to your registered mobile number. This will make sure that you are the right person to access that account.

You may check: How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication in iOS device

5. Turn Off Wi-Fi when not in Use

Make sure that your Wi-Fi is off when you are not using it. As if your Wi-Fi remains ON, and you are roaming around the places where open public WI-Fi is available then your smartphone or laptop will automatically connect to that Open Wi-Fi which hackers will catch your personal data or important information. So always keep Wi-Fi off when not in use.

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I hope you by keeping in mind these above steps you can easily prevent your details by staying safe and secure on public WiFi. Keep in touch with us for more useful information on social media FacebookTwitter.