Safely Surfing the Deep Web- A Quick Guide

Safely Surfing the Deep Web is something which the user enable to keep their information safe. More than 90% data on the internet is in the hidden form such as your online banking details and a lot more. So before going to access important input data or pages on the internet, some important things must be kept in users mind to safely surf the Deep Web Browser.


What is the Deep Web?

Deep Web is non-indexed data on standard search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. The Deep web is also sometimes called Hidden Web or Invisible Web. Deep Web includes the pages behind HTML forms such as online banking, webmail pages and the pages hidden in paywall such as video on demand. Opposite to Deep Web which all major search engines index termed as Surface Web.

Let us make it more clear. Suppose you have Bank Account. And when you search for online banking for that particular web, the search engines will let you land on the login page but not directly to your information page. This we call Deep Web.

Safely Surfing the Deep Web

1. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is most popular among all other particularly when it comes for Deep Web. It hides users identity and their ongoing activity online from the traffic analyzers and the surveillance by changing your identity in public. Using Tor Browser one can surf the internet anonymously.  Tor Browser also lets users cover IP address. But if you need further full proof protection then you must use VPN along with this.

Download link: Tor Browser

2. I2P

I2P stands for Invisible Internet Project. It allows users to anonymous chatting, web surfing, blogging, and File Transfer pseudonymously and securely. I2P is a little bit complex than Tor Browser and recommended for advanced users.

Download link:  I2P Anonymous Network


Freenet is another top-rated network which aims to provide freedom of speech on the internet with advanced anonymity protection. Freenet allows a network with FProxy, which is integrated with the node software and provides a web interface to content on the network. Freenet is also as same as I2P as it also allows anonymous chatting, web surfing, blogging, and File Transfer pseudonymously and securely.

Download Link: Freenet Project


There are many other sources which allow users to safely surf the Deep Web. Some of these are VPN service providers such as ExpressVPNHide MePrivate Internet Access and much more.

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Besides these all Tor Browser, I2P Network and Freenet are best to use and are widely used all around the world. So I recommend these to have safe and secure Internet browsing.

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I hope you by keeping in mind these above methods you can safely surfing the Deep Web. Keep in touch with us for more useful information on social media FacebookTwitter.