What is a VPN & How VPN Service Works?

The evolution of Virtual Private Network dates back to 1996. A Microsoft’s employee Gurdeep Singh-Pall first invented the only protocol of that time PPTP. It stands for Point-to-point Tunnelling protocol. Virtual Private Network is abbreviated as VPN. It is a service which allows users to access the internet through a public network but in a private manner. We will try to explain it in a simple manner. VPN is a service used for sending and receiving information privately. This is required for not being spied by third parties such as the Internet Service Providers or government surveillance. This is a very secure way to browse the internet safely and without any restrictions.

what is vpn

This can be a new concept to some and may seem to be complicated at first. But we would definitely recommend you to give it a try. Once you use it than would seem to be as simple as bowsing with any regular browser. Users need not add any extra efforts to set the VPN. VPN service providers take care of everything including the setup. We have reviewed a lot of VPN services and we found ExpresesVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish to be among the top VPN services. They offer great services and cool offers for there product.

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What is VPN and Uses of VPN Service

Now, after finding out what a VPN is, let’s see why do we need one. Internet security is the leading issue with the developments in internet technology. Using a VPN keeps us safe from online threats. VPN does this by encrypting our data. It also lets us access censored content online which is termed as restricted according to our location.

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This is quite useful when we want to unblock popular websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Kodi etc. But for unblocking such websites we need to make sure we choose the right VPN service. Only a good VPN service ensures to provide us with such services. Another use of VPN service is surfing anonymously online. This is done when a VPN service provider hides our original IP address behind a VPN IP Address. This is assigned to the user based on the server location chosen by the user. Read further in detail about all these features discussed above. These are the basic features and uses of a good VPN service. Additional features may vary from one VPN to other. Additional features offered by VPN are as Kill Switch, Smart Location, DNS Leak Test etc.

  1. Browse Anonymously with a new VPN IP Address.

    When we are browsing the internet without using a VPN service, our activities such as websites visited are visible to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). And even to cybercriminals who are trying to rob our information. This makes our location and activities visible and makes us liable to threats online. But this is not the case when we activate our VPN service. As soon as we Turn ON our VPN service our original IP Address gets hidden behind an anonymous IP address.browse anonymously

    This IP Address is shared with many other VPN users and cannot be linked to our activities in any way. This saves our privacy and keeps us secure from anyone trying to spy on us. Another added benefit of using a good VPN service is that they do not store any information of users which is also popularly known asNo Logs Policy of the VPN. Using a trusted VPN service ensures that users information such as original IP Address, location, time of connection and duration are not stored, thus keeping the user’s information and identity safe.

  2. Access Geo-Restricted Content.

    Choosing a good VPN service provider is very important. As it offers users to choose server location from a vast number of countries available on its list. This lets you access geo-restricted content from your country. Most importantly if you are based in China or other countries having highly censored the internet with strong firewalls. It also enables you access to the most popular entertainment websites such as Netflix. But there is a catch in it.vpn locations

    Not all VPN service providers can do that. You need to choose a really good paid service to gain access to censored content and unblock websites. We have listed a few best VPN service providers, from which you can choose and try them out. Most of them have free trials and money back guarantee available.

  3. Encrypt Data Online.

    Using a good VPN service ensures that your information and data is being encrypted. The encryption depends on the VPN service you are choosing. We would recommend you to choose a VPN service with a high standard of encryption which is impossible to decode. The industry level standard for encryption is 256-bit. Encrypting users data makes them secure as anyone including ISP (Internet Service Providers) cannot see what it is. This is most required when you are using a public Wi-Fi. Using Public Wi-fi for browsing makes you much more visible and open for an online attack. So you need to be secure and a VPN does that for you. Encrypting your data basically means converting data into codes and packets. The encrypted data travels through a secure VPN Tunnel. Therefore a high standard of encryption is necessary so that no one can easily decode it.

  4. Avoid Irritating ads online.

    When using a VPN service users true location and identity are completely hidden behind a fake location. Thus the ISP cannot share users data with third parties such as E-Commerce companies. And thus the marketing websites cannot redirect irritating ads to users browsing session. This makes the users browsing experience very clean. When the user is not using a VPN service irritating ads flash on the web pages we browse. This can be because of users search history or cache memory. It is basically related to marketing websites. This makes users experience very frustrating when they are working on something important. So to avoid it completely users can make use of a good VPN service.

  5. Bypass Bandwidth Throttling.

    In easy words, we can say that bandwidth throttling is the reducing or controlling of internet speed by ISP. Our ISP can see our data received and sent during a browsing session. So it also has full control over limiting our speed. When the bandwidth limit of the user’s plan is reached then the ISP will slow down the speed of browsing. This is termed as bandwidth throttling.bypass throttling vpn

    The best way to bypass the bandwidth throttling is by using a good VPN service. When the user connects to a VPN service, the location and activities of that user cannot be seen by ISP. Thus it makes it easy to bypass the control of ISP over the data limit.

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