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HitmanPro is a Sophos product and one of the top-selling Anti-malware and Anti-Ransomware software. It intelligently works in the background to protect your PC from cyber threats and attacks.

It adds a protective layer against any harmful links or files received on your PC. It comes with the CryptoGuard feature, which analyzes all encryption behavior. And it protects all your sensitive data with its topmost security encryption.

HitmanPro is an effective security solution since it works with your main antivirus program without causing any conflicts. It’s a scan-only tool that won’t defend you in live time, but it may help you spot threats in a flash.

Sophisticated viruses like spyware and rootkits are no match for our scanner, which can also remove them. It can scan files for malware in the cloud using Prevx, Dr.Web, and Bitdefender algorithms.

If HitmanPro detects a potentially harmful file, it will upload it to the cloud, where five different engines will analyze it.

Anyone who tests positive for an illness will be isolated promptly. HitmanPro guarantees excellent research was motivated and minimal false positives by keeping tabs on the actions of specific activities and the information in areas where malware is often found.

You may use HitmanPro on any Windows PC without installing software that won’t slow down your machine. Regular scans may be run at regular intervals, such as during Windows starting, daily, or on a set schedule.


Protect susceptible programs

Even though it pains us to admit it, often the weak point in the computer security chain is common apps like Microsoft Word or Office. They may be used as a weapon to obtain unauthorized access to your system and steal your private information.

HitmanPro.Alert reinforces the defenses already present in these apps and replaces malicious Windows resources with their uncorrupted originals.

Safeguarding against Malware

As said above, Hitman Pro provides remarkably comprehensive protection against malware for a low price. Five industry experts fuel Hitman Pro’s cloud-based research and scanning engine, which detects new threats.

The translated software doesn’t need upgrading since Hitman Pro utilizes its servers and engines.

Because of this, Hitman Pro passes the same virus protection tests as numerous other, more costly, and sophisticated software packages.

All of this is available in a bundle that barely registers on the game’s radar and takes just a few minutes to complete a comprehensive scan.

Purge and scrub

The solution gives your system a thorough cleaning to eliminate a wide variety of hazards, both those you know about and those you don’t.

Thanks to a massive malware database, the computer can detect various typical dangers and discover previously unknown threats by finding the malware signatures left behind by hackers.

Complete safety for your software

To prevent zero-day attacks, in which hackers use previously unknown flaws in your program to gain entry to your computer or computer, the system fortifies all of the programs you have installed.

These additional safeguards strengthen your security system overall.

Continual, hands-free backup of all data

Once the program detects an assault, it immediately begins making copies of your data as a precautionary measure. The technology recovers papers after an attack so you may continue the business.

Put an end to zero-day ransomware.

With HitmanPro.CryptoGuard, Alert’s you can check the integrity of your encrypted messages. The threat is ransomware. Illegal encryption will trigger HitmanPro.Alert.

It first makes copies of the data, then terminates and deletes the malware. Last but not least, it enables a reversion to the original state of the files. There is no requirement for user participation or specific ransomware signatures.

Maintain confidentiality

By encrypting all of your keystrokes on the web, HitmanPro.Alert prevents malicious software like keyloggers from stealing sensitive information like passwords and credit card details.

In addition, HitmanPro.Alert fortifies your browser to avoid the flaws of hackers. Furthermore, you may be notified whenever any application initiates a camera to use on your computer.

To deceive malware

Cybercriminals don’t want security researchers poking around in their private malware collection. That’s why much malicious software will blow itself up the moment it detects a security analyst.

In light of this, HitmanPro.Alert disguises its users as malware investigators, leading to the widespread elimination of malicious software.

Massive information repository

Sophos, the parent organization of HitmanPro, uses its database, SophosLabs, and the databases of three other security laboratories to provide information into the system.

To preserve you safe and protected, the software gathers information from various sources and uses machine learning to learn about new dangers as they emerge.

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