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Whenever a challenge is involved in a pastime or a new hobby technology, you can count on FRANZIS to publish it. FRANZIS features intriguing and well-designed content for anybody interested in exploring, learning photography, or entering the world of computer programming.

In addition, our professional customers always feel they have received excellent value.

In Germany, FRANZIS is now the most well-known brand for professional photographic programs. Media outlets consistently praise our products as the finest in their category.

Most importantly, we get compliments from our clients and consumers daily. Aimed squarely at working photographers, the FRANZIS projects range is cutting edge.

Whether you are interested in photography, technical engineering, programming, or just expanding your horizons, FRANZIS has the ideal, fast, easy, and professional answers for you in the form of books, tools, building kits, and webcasts.


SHARPEN Video #1

You can quickly and easily sharpen and enhance your movies with SHARPEN Video #1 without learning how to use complex and pricey software.

When you share a video and select a preset, the intelligent, automated feature takes over, analyzing and adjusting the picture for you. You may also improve the quality of your videos by using various post-production programs.

Whether you’re shooting with a smartphone, camcorder, camera, or drone, SHARPEN Video #1 expert’s automated and intelligent blur correction will help you get crisp, clear footage. Includes 24 scene modes and 45 levels of sharpness.

Videos may be sharpened by an expert at SHARPEN Video #1, who can also remove haze and fog. In the context of high-quality drone movies, this is also a common addition. There are several cases when this adjustment is required due to complex illumination.

Blur reduction options “Balanced” and “Pro Infinity” allow you to select the sharpness that best suits your movie. You may also use the software’s intelligent masking features to prevent sharpening from being applied to unwanted details.

Even without pixel-perfect editing, this method allows you to maintain sky or skin tones and smooth sections. These are the best circumstances for getting transparent and authentic footage of your most memorable experiences.

HDR Projects 9

HDR technique combines several exposures to provide optimal results in challenging lighting conditions. With the revolutionary HDR fusion stacking technology for completely halo-free shots and the meticulously adjusted 212 presets, you can obtain the desired results in no time. In a flash, you might get the finest outcomes.

HDR Projects 9 Professional has everything you need to create stunning HDR images. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just getting started, you’ll be able to get stunning HDR results with this edition.

This version has benefits for you:

  • The RAW module features range security and other new additions.
  • Complete selection of sound effects and presets
  • Adding support for up to 250 photos in a bracketed exposure
  • Import video clips into a series of exposures
  • Drawing on demand with an innovative Ambient-Light feature
  • Identification of exposure brackets in batches
  • Generate an exposures range from a JPG or RAW file that can be imported into any editing software.

DENOISE projects 4 

Many photos aim to freeze time forever. You managed to snap a snapshot of the memorable occasion, but it needs to be more grainy and clear.

DENOISE projects 4 professional automatically analyses your photographs to find the best denoising without compromising sharpness or clarity.

Unwanted picture noise is something every photographer has to deal with, whether due to poor lighting, a lack of a tripod, or just forgetting to reduce the ISO setting.

The design produced by DENOISE, version 4, is ideal for taking such pictures. It uses cutting-edge algorithms to safely archive them without degrading the originals in any discernible way.

The sophisticated features of DENOISE projects 4 professional, including filters and selective picture editing choices, make it the best tool for taking flawless, noise-free photographs.

NEAT projects 3 professional

After loading the sequence of photographs with the proper motion algorithms, NEAT Projects 3 Professional merges them into a seamless image, revealing the moving individuals in the background via multiple exposures.

All the people, automobiles and other moving elements in the scene have been removed from a perfect image and sent to you.

To acquire a clean shot of a subject, even in a crowded cityscape with automobiles, you need take many pictures, and you don’t even need a tripod or any other instruments since NEAT projects 3 professional will automatically recognize moving things and remove them from the resultant image. It’s lightning-fast and hands-free!

BLACK & WHITE professional

Black and white experts are excellent for converting photographs into striking monochrome masterpieces. Choose one of the 242 hand-optimized presets across 12 different categories and click to apply it to your picture. Furthermore, our one-of-a-kind black-and-white conversion produces fantastic worlds in four color spaces and thirteen spectral hues.

Black-and-white prints offer classic beauty to your photos. BLACK & WHITE projects now provide high-quality photo suggestions to save your burden.

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FAQs for Franzis

⭐️ How much can I save on Franzis products?

The maximum you can save on individual products is up to 50%. Check out the above offers for more details. There are different subscription packs for each software.

⭐️ Which plan is top-selling for this month?

If you want value for money, the Bundle pack is the best and top-selling plan of the month.

⭐️ How to use Franzis promo code?

Just choose your suitable plan. Click on the coupon button. Copy it and use it on the checkout page of the official website.

⭐️ Is there any free version available?

No, we do not offer any free version. But you can try using the free trial for both Windows & Mac.

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