Sometimes knowing or unknowingly, we lose some essential files and pictures and cannot get them back. Tried every method?

Obviously, Yes, that’s why you are here. Here you will see two methods by which you can quickly recover corrupted word files on Mac with simple steps.

recover corrupted word file on Mac

Reasons behind your lost files?

There may be many reasons for your lost files and folders on Mac. Sometimes you may turn off your Mac directly without saving the Word file, or there may be a virus in your Mac that may have corrupted your file.

Or sometimes, the word format doesn’t work better. But here, you can quickly recover corrupted word files on Mac. Check out the 2 best ways to trace back your corrupted word file.

  1. Manual method using Recover Text from Any File
  2. Using the data recovery tool

Let us recover corrupted word files on Mac by both methods.

2 Ways to Recover Corrupted Word File on Mac

Method 1: Manual method using Recover Text from Any File

STEP 1: Open the file menu.

STEP 2: Tap on the Show list and then tap on Recover Text from Any File.

STEP 3: Now check out the location of deleted/ corrupted word file on Mac. Select the corrupted word file on Mac.

STEP 4: Tap Open.

Allow some time to recover that corrupted word file. It may take some time to recover.

After this check out the location of the word file, hope this brings back the damaged word file. If still unable to locate the corrupted file, then the next option will solve your problem.

Method 2: Recover Corrupted/ deleted word files using recovery software

Here we will recover corrupted word files on Mac using Stellar recovery software. Follow some simple steps to recover the word file.

STEP 1: Once you install Stellar, open Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional.

select folder recover

STEP 2: Choose the storage media from the below list where your corrupted file is located and click the Scan button.

select recovery location

STEP 3: Wait for a little while until scanning gets completed. You can enable the preview option to see an individual file that is recovered.

preview recovered file

STEP 4: Tap the Recover button and select the desired location to save the recovered file.

recover corrupted file

By these simple steps using Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional, you can quickly recover deleted or corrupted files.

Final Words

As 2 methods are discussed above, there may be chances that the first method cannot bring back your corrupted file, but the second method is the best and easiest to recover all deleted files.

So go for Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional and recover your corrupted word file on Mac.

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I hope you find this helpful information and quickly recover corrupted word files on Mac. 

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