How to Uninstall Unwanted Applications on Mac

It is really annoying if your Mac is not performing well. So you go for uninstalling the applications on Mac. But the question comes How to uninstall applications on Mac? Luckily you entered into the right place. Here you will see complete detail to uninstall apps from your Mac.

how to uninstall applications on mac

Some installed Apps which are not quite useful occupy lots of your memory and left behind empty space, moreover, it also slows down your Mac performance.

How to Uninstall Applications on Mac?

Well, there are two ways to uninstall apps from your Mac.

  • Manually uninstalling Programs
  • Using uninstalling tool CleanMyMac

The manual method is time-consuming and not so simple as you think, and even if you successfully uninstalled Apps still some files left behind on your Mac. For this, I always recommend you to go for the second option which is CleanMyMac X which is very simple and within 2-3 clicks, you are able to uninstall apps from your Mac. See the step by step guide to uninstall Apps on Mac.

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Manually Uninstall Applications on Mac

Whatever the OS version you are using, the uninstallation of your apps on Mac remains the same. Manually removing is not just dragging the particular apps to trash, you have to go in-depth to delete each file and folder manually. You need to make an advanced search to see all the associated files to those apps.

Here you will see some of the common locations where your associated files to different apps are located. Just scan your Mac the apps you want to uninstall and then see the most common locations of files and folders associated with the apps.

  • See library in ~/Library/
  • Location of app preferences in ~/Library/Preferences/
  • Location of Binary and dock in /Applications/
  • Location of Application support files ~/Library/Application
  • Cache location in /Library/Caches/
  • Location of plugins ~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/
  • Location of App saves states ~/Library/Saved Application State/
  • Crashes location ~/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/

You may have noticed that some files are still not deleted as MacOS is restricting you to delete them. There is a lot more file location that users cant access them completely.

I recommend you to have a backup of every file you are deleting, as by mistake you may delete some important files. In the end, if Mac runs well then you can delete that backup. Be careful before removing the files and folder as they may affect your Mac.

How to Uninstall Applications on Mac using

CleanMyMac X

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CleanMyMac X the easiest way to completely remove the apps from your Mac. This tool automatically finds the associated files by scanning your Mac and delete them safely. All you need to follow some simple steps below.

STEP 1: Open CleanMyMac on your Mac and go to Uninstaller shown on the left side.


STEP 2: Go to view all applications to see the installed application on your Mac.

Here you can sort the apps by name, size, selection, and launch date. More size means more consumption of memory. Try to uninstall the apps of heavy size.

STEP 3: Now you have to select the app you wish to uninstall.

app reset

Here you will see two option either Complete uninstallation or Application reset,

  • Go to Complete uninstallation to remove that app completely from your Mac.
  • Choose Application to reset to refresh into its default installation. This option you can choose if you find your app is not working properly.

STEP 4: Now click uninstall option below of the location of your file.

CleanMyMac may ask for admin identity for this you need to enter your password to ensure safety. Once you are done with these steps, CleanMyMac will automatically uninstall the app and files associated with it.

uninstall complete

You can check the log list of your current installation or move back to other apps. With this, you have successfully uninstalled the app from your Mac. Using CleanMyMac 3 is so simple and easy to use whereas manually it takes lots of time.

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