How to Clean Junk Files on Mac Quickly

Cleaning junk from your Mac is never an easy task. In this article, you will see two quick ways to clean junk files from Mac. Junk files not only consume your storage capacity but also slows down your Mac performance. These junk files may expand up to sever GB and make your storage capacity less. It is always advised to clean up junk files periodically to make your Mac performance always better. The procedure is the same to remove junk files for Mac, iMac or MacBook.

clean junk files mac

What are the Junk Files?

As when you run a program on your Mac or installing some software on your Mac, some of the files, drivers come into existence which works as associated with them. This we called junk files. These temporary files make users experience better but with time its storage consumption makes your Mac very slow. So clean up junk files from Mac.

You can easily remove junk files from Mac in two ways.

  • Remove Junk from Mac manually.
  • Remove Junk from Mac using cleaning tool CleanMyMac X.

If you remove junk manually from your Mac it takes little more time than using a cleaning tool. Follow steps below to remove junk files from Mac.


Clean junk files on Mac manually

It is never advisable to remove junk files on Mac manually as a different application has different associated files located in a different location by which that program runs. If you delete your files manually there may be the possibility that you delete some important file that is important for running a specific program and after which your Mac showing errors. Finding associated temporary files are hard to find and even after locating them, you never know how important that file is. You can only predict that it may be important or not. So never remove your file without knowing them about in detail.

So the question may come in your mind how to remove temporary files from then?

You can easily remove temporary files using CleanMyMac 3 utility tool. This tool intelligently removes the junk files which are not useful for Mac.

Clean junk files from Mac using CleanMyMac X

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Follow some steps below to easily remove all the junk files from your Mac.

  • Download CleanMyMac X (Use Coupon Code – 4EDUCATION) on your Mac and launch it.
  • Tap the Scan button at the bottom.

clean junk

Once the scanning is completed you will see the storage it is occupying.

  • Simply tap on Clean option.

In the same place, you can also uninstall the unnecessary files which are useless and occupying your storage capacity. For this follow some steps.

  • Go to Uninstaller in the menu shown on the left.

uninstaller apps

  • Check out the list of applications that are no longer in use.
  • Select those applications and tap on Uninstall option.

uninstall completed
You are done with removing junk files from your Mac.

Using CleanMyMac is the best option to delete junk files from Mac. If you go for a manual method then it may harm your system performance. Always prefer clearing junk my using CleanMyMac X which is easy to use and so quick.

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