How to Reset Forgotten Apple ID Security Questions

Here is the quick guide to show you Apple ID Questions reset. By security questions, you can easily recover your password if you forget Apple ID password. Without Apple ID you are not longer to access App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, FaceTime and much more.

The simplest way to reset Apple ID security question is to go to security reset question page and login with Apple ID to change it.


reset security questions

What is an Apple ID and why to have an Apple ID?

Apple ID is something by which you can access to App Store, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, FaceTime and much more. By having an Apple ID you can secure your iOS device from prying eyes or if you make payment somewhere then also you are secure. Without having an Apple ID you can not explore your iOS device. Mostly everything requires an Apple ID. It helps to keep your device Backup and lot more.

  Apple ID Questions Reset

STEP 1: Go to from any device.

STEP 2: Now enter your Apple ID and Password then select continue (arrow next to password space).

STEP 3: Select the option to reset security questions as page automatically appear or select manually.reset security questions

STEP 4: Here you can see different security questions. Now choose different security questions and answer them. After this select

Now you have changed your security questions. Still, if you don’t find good to keep remembering security questions then you can opt for Two-factor authentication for Apple ID. This lets you make your iOS device secure, even if your friends, relatives know the password. You can easily setup Two-factor authentication from any iOS device you have. Here is the quick guide Setting up Two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.

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