Many times there are possibilities that you are not having an internet connection or have a wrong network in some of the locations where you are traveling and need Google maps to guide you to your destination.

You can also change the location on Android phones.

Offline seems to be very useful for getting lost in unknown terrain or trek.

Here you will see a complete guide google maps offline navigation on Android or iPhone.

how to save google map directions offline

To use Google Maps in offline mode, you need to download the location map you need to use offline when you have Wi-Fi connectivity or a cellular data connection.

If you are using Android Phone, Google maps come as inbuilt, but you need to download it from App Store if you are using iPhone.

How To Download Google Maps Offline ( For Android or iPhone)

menu maps

STEP 1: Once you have Google Maps open on your Smartphone, tap the menu button on the top left side of your screen.

STEP 2: In this drop-down list, you will see Offline areas (in an Android device, you will see Offline maps) tap it.

offline area maps

STEP 3: Here, you will see two options to download an offline area ”Local” and ”Custom area” (on an Android device, you will see the ”SELECT YOUR OWN MAP” option).

If you are looking to have offline navigation to the current area, tap the ”Local” option; otherwise, tap ”Custom area” to download the map of the particular area (tap ”SELECT YOUR MAP” in case you are using an Android device).

offline area

STEP 4: Now, the map will appear to customize the area you want as per your requirement by pinching to zoom that area.

You must be aware that the more area you will select, the more space it requires, and use your data more.

download area

STEP 5: Tap Download and confirm if you’re using cellular data. Must-see tips to stay safe on public Wi-Fi.

download now

It will remain downloaded for a month, after which it automatically updates.

You can customize your map within this period manually by just going back to the offline map menu and then the download option.

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