How to Sync Computer Automatically Using Google Drive and Google Photos

Having a backup of your important data is always a good choice, but people don’t know what are the best places to backup your important data. One of the best options which I recommend is to use Google Drive where you can get unlimited storage and manage your account on all devices such as PC, iOS devices and much more. Here in this tutorial, you are going to see complete detail about how to sync your data using Google Drive and Google Photos Automatically.

Sync Computer Using Google Drive

What Backup and sync actually are?

I hope you are aware of backup and data syncing but before proceeding let us clearly define what backup and sync really are? Backup stores your all-important data in cloud storage which remain there and fresh data automatically sync with your system and save there. There might something happens that you lose your important data but having a backup you can easily restore anytime.

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How to Sync Computer Automatically Using Google Drive and Google Photos

Step 1: Download and Install Backup and Sync- Free Cloud Storage

  • Firstly you need to Download Backup and Sync.If you have downloaded Google Drive earlier then you need not have uninstalled Google Drive manually as new download automatically replaces Google Drive.

download backup

  • Now launch the installer from download option of your browser. If you are using Google Chrome it may display at the bottom or otherwise see Downloads. Now Accept the option ”Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?”
  • Once you accept it completes downloading within few seconds. Open Backup and Sync once it gets downloaded. Log in with your Google account (if you have Google Drive already installed then it automatically log in with that account). After this select GOT IT to use this app.
  • google drive app

Step 2: Choose the Files for Backup and Sync

Backup and Sync has two categories here

  • My Laptop
  • Google Drive

My Laptop Section

Here you can select the folder from your PC, some are already shown like Desktop, Pictures, and Documents but you can choose any folder by tapping on CHOOSE FOLDER.

my laptop option

Hereunder My Laptop category, you can modify your preference by choosing High-quality or Original quality depends upon your storage quantity. To access it unlimited free storage you have to choose High-quality (free unlimited storage) otherwise Original quality option gives you 15 GB for free.

high quality

You can select the option Upload newly added photos and videos to Google Photos which automatically scan your computer for new photos and videos and add them to Google Photos. Lastly, you can also upload photos and files from USB devices & SD cards.


NOTE: The files you choose to sync from outside your Drive folder will not show in the Drive displaying folders. To access them you need to visit Google Drive.

Google Drive Section

Here you see three options

  • Sync my Drive to this computer: You can enable/disable syncing your Google Drive with this PC. If you enable it then two more option will display.
  • Sync everything in my Drive: Choose this option to sync everything you have with your Google Drive to this PC.
  • Sync only these folders: Here you can manually choose the folder you want to sync with this PC.

Google Drive

Step 3: Some other additional Settings

Apart from choosing folders to upload manually, you can make setting anytime by just going over taskbar as long as this app is running and then choose Preferences to customize settings.


Here you can also stop this backup & sync anytime by going to Quit Backup and Sync.

By following these above steps you can easily enable your Backup and Sync using Google Drive.

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I hope you like this tutorial and easily start a backup of all your important stuff using Google Drive and Google Photos. Keep in touch with us for more useful information on social media FacebookTwitter.

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