How to Improve Internet Speed in Minutes

One of the biggest frustration is when your internet speed is very slow and you keep on waiting when the page will be loaded.

Sometimes we are having important work on PC but internet connection stuck our work.

Here in this tutorial, you can easily Enhance Internet Speed in Minutes.

enhance internet speed

Tips to Speed Up Internet

1. Switch Your Browser

Many people use Internet Explorer as it is the default browser on Windows. But if web pages increase then usually the internet speed slows down.

So it is recommended to have a browser which cut back on the ads and other non-essentials. There are many optimum browsers are there which suits your requirement.

Some of these are

  • Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla Firefox cut back on ads and other non-essentials and security-enhanced with extension Flash Block, Advertisement, Third-Party Ads, JavaScript. These are only shown when you enable them manually. This browser is rated best for download speed, and offer protection against Phishing contents and other security threats.
  • Google Chrome: Google Chrome is another widely used Browser as it is very simple to use, also the web page loading speed is amazing. One of the best features of Google Chrome is its automatic translation of pages which sometimes remain quite helpful.
  • Opera: Opera aims to run effectively on a slow internet connection.

2. Clean Up your PC

Always clean up your PC, sometimes unnecessary data or files may get stored in your system while operating on the internet. 

This may slow down the internet speed of your PC or Smartphone.

We recommend you to go for the best cleaning software MacPaw CleanMyPC which intelligently clean your PC and optimize its speed. As manually it is not possible to delete all cache, hidden files, temporary files so you must go for this.

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Many times some unwanted programs still running behind the screen which does not come to notice and may consume the internet which slows down the internet speed. You can easily check it from Task Manager. On PC simply press  ALT+CTRL+DEL.

task manager

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3. Place Your Router in a different location

Sometimes there may be chances that the location where your router is placed is not receiving the network clearly.

Try to locate it near to open space nearby window or on some height of the room, chances of getting better connection increases and may speed up your internet.

4. Restart your network

This is another method of speeding up your internet speed. Try to restart your network, sometimes changes maybe thereof having the interference of external parallel network.

Unplug the power switch and then plugin. This may fix external interference.

5. Secure your internet connection

If you are using Wi-Fi and if you have left it as Open Wi-Fi, then there may be a possibility that some other people nearby you are using your Wi-Fi connection.

This definitely slows down your internet speed and also consume your internet. So always make sure that your Wi-Fi has a secure login.

6. Use Anti-Virus

More often there are chances while using the internet that you may fall victim of internet threats and some foreign agent enters in your PC and cause problem and slow down the internet speed.

Always have updated Anti-Virus on your PC to avoid any casualty and for good internet speed. 

Some of the best Anti-virus are BullGuard, ScanGuard, Norton and much more.

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7. Try out for different DNS server

DNS (Domain Name System) server is something similar to locate website such as ‘’ to a particular computer where the default DNS server is there but you can change it that may have better page loading time.

So try to find out the best optimum DNS server apart from the default set by your internet service providers.

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Try out these tricks for the better result from your internet speed. Hope you like this tutorial about Enhance Internet Speed. 

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