How to Turn Your Smart Phone to Create Mobile Hotspot

Your Smart Phone may have an unlimited data plan. You can create a free internet zone to connect with computer or share your free internet with your friends by just making a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Check out How to Turn Your Smart Phone to Create Mobile Hotspot.

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What is the use of Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspot is something that allows you to access the internet has a wireless connection called WLAN.

This may have a router or you can create a hotspot zone by yourself.

Somewhere in public zone if you have to access the internet on your computer you may create personal portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

By creating Wi-Fi hotspot you can access the internet on more than one device simultaneously.


How To Turn Your Smart Phone to Create Mobile Hotspot

To Turn your Smart Phone into a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot you just need a smartphone with having an internet connection to it. Nowadays 90% of the market is covered with iPhone and Android Phones.

1. Turn iPhone into Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • On your iPhone Go to Settings> Personal Hotspot and set it ON.
  • Now it may ask you for two options Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or USB Only. You can choose either of one according to your requirement. To make it Hotspot zone choose  Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
wifi or cable
  • Tap Wi-Fi  Password and enter a suitable password.

Now check the name listed under Wi-Fi available list on another device to connect to that Wi-Fi Hotspot.

2. Turn Android Phone into Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • On your Android Phone Go to Settings. Then under connection choose Tethering and portable hotspot.
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  • Turn it ON
  • To change settings Tap Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot. Here you can change Hotspot name and password.

After successful connection check out for the hotspot name on other device listed under Wi-Fi available list. Select that name and enter a password to have internet access.

By these steps, you can easily create your own portable Wi-Fi Hotspot whenever you are travelling or with friends.


Whenever you are creating your own portable Wi-Fi Hotspot make sure it is password protected otherwise if it is open then anyone can connect with it and you may get slow internet speed.

Try out limit the user as more user means more consumption of data and less available speed.

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