Your Smart Phone may have an unlimited data plan. You can create a free internet zone to connect with a computer or share your free internet with your friends by just making a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Check out How to Turn Your Smart Phone to Create Mobile Hotspot.

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What is the use of Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspot allows you to access the internet has a wireless connection called WLAN.

This may have a router, or you can create a hotspot zone yourself.

If not on your computer, somewhere in the public zone, somewhere in the shared location, you may create a personal portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

By creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can simultaneously access the internet on more than one device.


How To Turn Your Smart Phone to Create Mobile Hotspot

To Turn your Smart Phone into a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, you need a smartphone with an internet connection. Nowadays, 90% of the market is covered with iPhone and Android Phones.

1. Turn iPhone into Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • On your iPhone Go to Settings> Personal Hotspot and set it ON.
  • Now it may ask you for two options Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or USB Only. You can choose either of one according to your requirement. To make it Hotspot zone choose  Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
wifi or cable
  • Tap Wi-Fi  Password and enter a suitable password.

Now check the name listed under the Wi-Fi available list on another device to connect to that Wi-Fi Hotspot.

2. Turn Android Phone into Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • On your Android Phone Go to Settings. Then under connection choose Tethering and portable hotspot.
mobile hotspot
  • Turn it ON
  • To change settings Tap Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot. Here you can change Hotspot name and password.

After successful connection, check out the hotspot name on other devices listed under the Wi-Fi available list. Select that name and enter a password to have internet access.

By these steps, you can easily create your portable Wi-Fi Hotspot whenever you are traveling or with friends.


Whenever you create your portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, make sure it is password protected; otherwise, if it is open, anyone can connect with it, and you may get slow internet speed.

Try out limit the user as more user means more consumption of data and less available speed.

I hope you like this tutorial about making your phone a Hotspot?

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