How to Lock Notes on a MacBook?

how to lock notes on macbook

Making a top-secret present list for a birthday or Christmas, keeping a journal you wish to keep closed, or working on a top-secret document for work are all possibilities. You may lock a file in Notes so that it needs a password to open it.

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How to Unlock Mac with Apple Watch

how to unlock mac with apple watch

You’ve certainly set up Face ID on your iPhone, but it won’t assist you unless you wear a scarf. You must input a password or pull down your mask to open your phone at a supermarket, department shop, or other public location.

If you choose a lengthy and complicated password to protect your Macintosh, it may be tough to remember or tedious to write every time it enters Lock Mode.

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How to Set Up iMessage on Mac

how to set up imessage on macbook

Although if you do not worry regarding iMessage’s safety and protection, you should install it on your Mac since being able to see and react to all of your messages without needing to stop working and pick up your smartphone is a huge time saver. … Read more

How to Make an Electronic Signature in Word

how to make an electronic signature in word

Users may generate and append electronic signs to documents using Microsoft Word’s built-in capability. You can easily create a signature on any document.

Businesses frequently use remote workflows. Thanks to digital or electronic signatures, document validation is now more efficient and legally enforceable.

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How To Improve the MacBook’s Performance?

how to improve macbook performance

It doesn’t matter if you have an old MacBook Air or a new MacBook Pro; it slows down the performance with time. On the positive side, your device’s speed is not influenced only by its age. It bogs down for many purposes, most of which … Read more