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More than a hundred million people in more than 75 countries use Corel software, which helps to explain why it’s one of the most widely used software packages globally.

Our goal is to provide tools that will assist individuals in making their arguments and presenting their thoughts more compellingly and excitingly.

We’ve earned a solid name among our customers for consistently supplying cutting-edge, reliable solutions that are straightforward to pick up and put to good use immediately to boost their efficiency. What is the software industry’s response? Hundreds of awards for breakthroughs in design, usability, and ROI.

Corel expands the bounds of possibility by providing tools that facilitate innovation and collaboration regardless of location or technology.

Making it more straightforward for you to accomplish what you do best is something we’re enthusiastic about, both in the workplace and everyday life.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, you’ll have everything you need to create stunning vector illustrations, layouts, edited photos, and professionally typed documents.

Paying a monthly or annual fee for access to the service ensures the best possible performance, the most up-to-date features and material, and access to the service at all times.


Marketing and branding

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite provides the tools necessary to design anything from distinctive brand identification assets to attractive sales tools for anybody working in commercial, printing, or a small firm with in-house marketing.

Large-format printing and signage

CorelDRAW is the go-to program for signage and printing industry designers because it has an excellent color management system and comprehensive prepress features.

Materials used in clothing and other textile products

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite provides all the tools necessary to create and export designs for the fashion industry, whether you work in screen printing, embroidery, direct-to-garment printing, or the clothing sector.

Shops and online shopping

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite prepares you with specialized web and print tools, whether you’re a visual artist in retail developing point-of-sale promos or an online marketer making promotional materials for your shop.

Schematics, plans, and blueprints

CorelDRAW is widely used in the design, industrial, and infrastructure sectors since it provides professionals with accurate tools for drawing detailed diagrams, schematics, and representations of products and their components.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite is the preferred software of technical communicators because it provides a comprehensive set of specialized tools for creating, reviewing, and publishing technical texts and graphics.

Artwork & Illustration

By melding it with more traditional art production methods, artists and designers may benefit from CorelDRAW’s cutting-edge vector-illustration technology.

Corel Painter 2024

Use our reliable, high-quality digital art program to enter a world of infinite possibilities. Create stunning works from sketches to finished paintings with hundreds of strokes crafted by professional artists, advanced blending options, and various other creative features.


Superb Photography That Can’t Be Rivaled

Using AI, you can apply your unique artistic flair to any picture, and advanced auto-painting and cloning capabilities make it simple to turn images into paintings.

Use Fluid Paint to create the most seamless brushstrokes.

The new Fluid brushes make it easy to progressively develop color, blend, sculpt, glaze, and adorn with texture and iridescence. These multifunctional brushes use layer transparency to provide you with more opacity control and smooth brush stroke.

Selectivity Enhancement

If you’re having trouble seeing what you’ve highlighted, try using the new color overlay feature in your selection tools.

Using the overlay expedites making, modifying, and refining a selection and is especially helpful for those with complicated forms and transparency.

Use a colored paintbrush to choose regions.

Easily choose areas of a picture based on color using the combined functionality of a Magic Wand and a Selection Brush. Any Selection brush may work as a color-selection brush by toggling the Color Selection option.

The chosen regions’ hues, intensities, and textures may be easily modified.

Corel VideoStudio 2024

After its first release in 2004, Corel VideoStudio has become a household brand among video editors. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2024 is the most recent release of the software.

It has several enhancements over previous versions, including enhanced color grading choices, more editing tools, and the ability to overlay multiple films.

Using this editor couldn’t be easier. Corel VideoStudio is an excellent option if you’re new to video editing and searching for a simple program with all the necessary tools.


Visual Effects for the Face

Use the latest Face Effects to ensure that every person in your film looks their best. You may tweak your face’s breadth, brightness, and even eye size in seconds.

Experiment with these widely used editing programs and adjust the volume levels manually based on the desired result. Perfect your lifestyle films, produce excellent Instagram and TikTok videos, or generate humorous movies for your pals in no time!

Moving Augmented Reality Stickers

The new AR Stickers are animated to immediately add some life to your future work. These face-tracking stickers are fantastic for various purposes, from hiding identities to highlighting feelings to adding a touch of fun to any situation.

You may even use them on a group of people and adjust their placement and size in post-production. Augmented reality stickers enhance gaming, reaction, online competition, and other videos.

VideoStudio 2022 improves the experience of using fixed and dynamic AR Stickers by making them more discoverable, sorted, and collated.

Variations in Camera Positioning

The new Camera action transitions allow for a greater artistic expression, and their motion blur makes for some spectacular-looking films.

You may make your video appear more cinematic by using transitions that you’ve seen in other movies, making transitions that mix scenes, or adjusting them to be more natural or dramatic.

Integrate effects

Make your video more engaging and fun by adding transitions, overlays, and creative effects like new animated AR stickers, Face Effects, and Camera Movements.

Probing cutting-edge resources

With the help of multi-camera seizes and editing tools, you can show off a plethora of viewpoints by splicing together clips shot from different vantage points; you can also make GIFs, improve panoramic views with 360-degree editing, add animation and pace effects for a more engaging final product, and much more.

Enjoy the special holiday offers and save your money.

FAQs for Corel

⭐️ How much discount can I get on Corel products?

We are running a seasonal sale which offers you a discount of up to 50% on most products.

⭐️ How to apply the Corel promo code?

Choose your plan from the above list, and click the coupon code button. Copy it, reconfirm your product, and paste the code at the checkout page.

⭐️ Are there any other promotions?

No, this time we are offering you the maximum discount.

⭐️ Is there any free version available?

No, we do not offer any free version. You can download the trial version to test the product.

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