Viki is a video-streaming service that provides access to television shows and movies from across the globe. Thanks to a committed community of users, many episodes and films from across the world are accessible, with subtitles in more than 200 different languages.

how to download viki videos with subtitles

Customers of Viki, like those of Hulu, get access to exclusive and licensed television series, movies, and music videos, all in high definition and without advertising.

It is estimated that more than 150 languages have been subtitled and translated into Viki’s material, which is mainly sourced from China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

The service’s Learn mode encourages non-native speakers to learn Chinese, Japanese, and Korean via conversational practice.

Furthermore, they are encouraged to join the Viki community by adding comments throughout the episodes they subtitle to assist viewers in better understanding what they are viewing.

Content for Viki’s streaming service is primarily obtained via agreements with Asian production and distribution businesses, although the company has also started to create its original content.

The company, situated in San Francisco, was built in 2007. Rakuten acquired this Japanese eCommerce and online retailing company in 2013 from another Japanese eCommerce and online retailing company.

Dramaworld, Viki’s first original programming endeavor, revolves around an American college student who becomes obsessed with a Korean drama and its lead male star.

The series was promoted as the first joint American-Korean television series in history. In response to Dramaworld’s success, Skybound, the production company behind AMC’s The Walking Dead, formed a joint venture with the organization.

As a result, the Korean television drama Five Year was created to portray the narrative of a group of people who discovered that a meteor would impact the Earth in five years.

What’s the purpose of downloading Viki movies in the first place? You may wonder

Streaming service for television shows and movies over the internet, Viki has a large following all around the globe. It is referred to as the VideoWiki as a result of this.

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Aside from providing subtitled material in more than 200 languages, it also provides hundreds of free primetime television shows and films worldwide. Viki, like Hulu, provides its Viki Pass customers with ad-free access to premium and licensed television series, movies, and music videos via its Viki Pass service.

Although Viki does not provide a download option, the three approaches listed below enable you to quickly and easily

from Viki! You can watch your favorite television series and movies online and from any place you want. If, on the other hand, you do not have access to a network or have a poor connection, you may select to save Viki videos to your local hard drive for later viewing.

Instructions on how to get subtitles and videos from Viki are provided in detail.

When using, it is impossible to watch videos or download videos to portable media devices unless the user has an active internet connection.

Subtitling technology developed by Viki enables anybody to add subtitles to their favorite Viki videos due to the technology. Using the most appropriate Viki Downloader, users should be able to download videos from Viki that have subtitles.

All you need is a third-party Viki downloader, which will enable you to save Viki movies and watch them later when you are not connected to the internet, regardless of where you are or what time it is. We’ll show you how to download Viki videos from and convert them to MP4 format using the latest Viki downloader – Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro.

The capabilities of Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro

Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro is designed to download videos from more than 100 video sites, including, but not limited to, Viki, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Livestream, Lynda, and NBC, among others. In addition, the ability to download and save movies with subtitles from in bulk is a convenient function to have.

  • Batch downloads of subtitled videos from are possible.
  • Convert Viki to video and audio formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, M4A, WMA, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MP3, AC3, etc., by downloading and converting Viki.
  • Viki may be downloaded and converted to various multimedia device formats, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Wii, PS3, PSP, Samsung, HTC, and many more. Viki can be downloaded and converted to these formats.
  • Use the integrated video recorder to capture live streamings.
  • Currently compatible with the current operating system.

What’s the best way to download Viki videos with subtitles?

Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro – the most excellent Viki downloader is installed first. There are two separate versions depending on the operating system.

Step 1: Make a copy of the URL.

Please navigate to the Viki video you’d want to download and click on it. Take note of the URL of the website and return to the downloading panel of Bigasoft Video Downloader. The URL for the link will be automatically copied and pasted into the URL field.

Please keep in mind that many URLs may be entered at an identical time, allowing you to download movies in batches. Choose “For Multiple URLs” from the drop-down menu and paste all URLs to be downloaded in one go.

Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro

Step 2: Select the export configurations

When you pick the highest resolution source available for download from the drop-down menu, the Video Downloader will choose the complete resolution source accessible for download.

To choose the location of the downloaded Viki movie, click the “Save Folder” option and navigate to the desired folder.

On most occasions, Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro saves videos in their original format. If you wish to download and convert Viki videos to the design of your choice, choose “Automatically convert to” and then use the drop-down menu to pick the preferred media type for the video tutorials that you have downloaded.

Step 3: Begin the downloading process.

To begin and complete the process of downloading and converting Viki videos with subtitles, click the “Download” button. After it is finished, go to the destination folder to locate the downloaded Viki video.

Viki is the best site to view and listen to internet videos and audio. You may publish, share, and watch videos on the site without being able to download them.

Nevertheless, you are concerned that it may have been wiped off or that your data restriction prevents you from visiting whenever you want to watch.

That’s why you would want to download the movie to your computer to view it whenever you want if you’ve ever felt like you want to watch a video repeatedly.

To do this, we have provided a way in this guide.

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