Have you ever wondered whether the recipient reads the email you sent on your Gmail account or not? Simple steps allow you to track whether your email is opened easily. Social media such as Whatsapp and Facebook clearly define the read-option or the blue double tick. Unfortunately, Gmail does not allow this, but still, by enabling some features, you can quickly get a receipt once the email is opened.

How to Tell if an Email has been Read on Gmail Account

Why is it necessary to check whether the mail is read or not?

You better define this answer. There may be different reasons, such as if you have clients and you may want to know whether the mail you have sent is read or not. If you think that clients ignore your mail after they read it, you can take further action, or there are many other reasons.

Is it possible to track email?

Yes, Gmail has a feature that allows users to track the email only to Google’s paid business cloud software G Suite. Enable Request return receipt before the email you send to the recipient. Let us quickly check how to tell if an email has been read.

How to Tell if an Email has been Read on Gmail Account

Before going to follow these steps, we hope you already have a subscription to Google’s paid business cloud software G Suite. This costs you only $10/month. You can also have a 14-days trial period. Go to Apps> GSuite> Settings for Gmail> then click Advanced Settings and choose Email Read Receipts.

  • Open your Gmail account and enter your login credentials.
  • Once you have successfully signed in, tap on COMPOSE button to create a new email.

gmail read receipt

  • Enter the recipient’s email address, subject and tick request a read receipt to track every detail.

Following these steps, you can easily enable the request a read receipt option and get a notification once the recipient reads your email.

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