MP4 is the most widely used video format, but many others exist. You may also need a video compressor or a video converter if you encounter difficulties downloading or playing your video. Videos can be downloaded and played on any device more efficiently, thanks to video compression software that removes unnecessary information from the data. We’ll take a look at some of the best video compression software, as well as some of the best free online compressors, and we’ll also look at some of the best MP4 compressors for iOS and Android devices.

It is not an easy task to compress your video while retaining good picture quality, but some of the software for video compression make this easier.

Professional video editors know that even a small video can take up a lot of storage space on a computer. Consequently, you understand the importance of compressing videos so they don’t take up valuable storage space on your computer.

Many software for video compression, both paid and free, reduce your file size by giving maximum video quality.

Here we will see some of the best free high-quality video compression software.

high-quality video compresson software

As videos are made by High-quality cameras, DSLRs are so large that they can not easily be shared on social media.

Moreover, uploading takes time, and Email capacity is insufficient to send a complete video in a single attachment.

So using free video compression software makes work easier without losing quality.

High-Quality Video Compression Software to Reduce Size

1: HandBrake Video Compressor

HandBrake video compressor is well known and widely used to compress videos by retaining good quality.

HandBrake supports almost all video formats. HandBrake allows you to set a percentage for the level of compression. This allows many features and works for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can optimize video according to your need.

handbrake compressor

2: WinX Video Converter

WinX video converter is another widely used method to compress and change video formats.

WinX video converter allows you some of the best features to modify your video without losing quality much. This allows you to work on all formats, easily convert the videos into any format, and compress it easily.

Here you can put subtitles on your own when the video runs. Moreover, trimming, cropping, and size adjustments-like features are also available.

winx video converter

3: Format Factory

Format factory is an easy-to-use software to compress your video file. You can convert your video to any format you want. This software is so simple that you can still compress your video with excellent quality, even if you don’t know anything about formats and codecs.

factory format compressor

4: Avidemux

Avidemux supports almost all file formats, such as AVI, DVD, and MP4. This software is free to use, and its operation is relatively easy. It does not require any professional knowledge to use this software.

You can easily cut, filter, and encode your video. This software works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

avidemux compresser

5. VideoProc

Even when compressing 4K, HD, SD, 3D, and 360° VR films without sacrificing quality, VideoProc is a fully-fledged video program that accomplishes the task.

Compressing any video is a quick and straightforward process thanks to this program. It can preserve the quality of the original footage while reducing the file size.

You may convert a video to a smaller size using this application.

Final Words

As all above, free video compression software works well and can easily compress any video in any format.

Along with video compression, some software provides advanced tools to optimize your video. There are also options to trim videos, add subtitles, and much more.

Pick any of the above free video compression software and optimize your video without losing its picture quality.

I hope you find the helpful information and successfully compress your video.

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