5 Best Video Editing Software For Windows that You Must Try

The term video editing refers to the process of manipulating video clip to suit the users need. It means putting together, cleaning up and finalizing a video presentation.

It includes features such as cutting segments, adjusting clips, adding sound recordings, adding desired effects and so on. Check out best video editing software for windows.

best video editing software for windows

In this modern era, there are a number of video editing software’s widely available for personal and professional use.

These software’s have made video editing, user-friendly and allows the users to share them instantly on various social media platforms.

The automatic video editing software’s have made vast features accessible to a broader commercial audience of amateurs and along with it saving time it takes to edit videos.

5 Best Video Editing Software For Windows

1. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements (discounted page link) is designed basically for amateurs or consumer level editor who want an easily accessible but functional set of advanced tools whilst maintaining a very clean and simple user interface throughout the editing process.

Its machine learning and artificial intelligence features, as well as guided modules, are perfect for people who want to make home movies to share with friends, but who don’t have much knowledge of video editing.

It is also reliable software for professionals.

The features and tools contained in the program are the things you will actually use and they are presented in a way that makes them fit for use.

It has many advanced features such as an audio module that automatically adjusts existing music tracks to perfectly sync to the beginning and end of the video project, or parts of it.

Color correction, haze removal, color balancing, transitions, audio effects and video effects are all contained in modules that allow full control, semi-automatic control or fully automatic depending on users preference.

The Organizer is another yet a very effective and efficient tool for keeping things in order. Adobe Premiere Elements 2018  is very simple and easy to understand yet surprisingly very useful with various options for video editing.

2. Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium

It is one of the best video editing applications. This software offers professional-level tools in a consumer-level application which makes it a great program for newcomers as well as professional video editors.

Its standard features include frame-precise video editing up to 200 tracks and full 4K and 360A Degrees video support enable revolutionary workflows in top quality.

It has many tools which are used by Hollywood professionals to make movies, TV shows, and commercials, and it makes them accessible to users of any skill level.

It has various powerful effects like Multicam, audio editing, creative expression (effects, dissolves, menus, intros and outros).

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3. AVS Video Editor

AVS is very simple and easy to use. AVS Video Editor has great help resources and a very straightforward interface that works like a setup assistant guiding the user from step to step.

This is useful for beginner or novice users who are still learning the ins and outs of editing video. AVS Video Editor is consumer-level video editing Software that allows the user to transform the raw footage into a finished video that can be shared with friends and family or upload to the internet for the world to see.

The interface, features, and controls cover all the basics and are standard. AVS Editor delivers video editor option with hundreds of effects and transitions. It gives the user the ability to add many audio and video tracks as per their requirement.

AVS Video Editor offers more than 650 transitions and effects that allow a user to craft the look and feel of there project with precision.

The user also gets a wide range of text templates that includes titles, scrolling credits, lower-third text or simply plain text to add anywhere they want on the screen.

AVS Video Editor  excels at supporting numerous formats and conversions

4. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a high standard professional video editor.

It is a non-linear editor that has the power, versatility, and depth to create any video project you put to it, whether it be a full-length movie, music video, vlog post or instructional demonstration.

Premiere Pro CC is the continuation of Adobe’s gradual enhancements to its professional video editing software which has made it incredibly useful and convenient to use.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC has a very useful set of features. One of the biggest advantages of this program is its comprehensive camera support. It allows users to import footage and other media from nearly any device.

It has a feature that lets you apply effects and alterations to footage while it is still in the media bin which makes the editing process easier and faster.

Another feature is synchronizing separately recorded audio tracks with their video counterparts automatically, creating a new unified media clip in your bin that has the audio and video aligned.

This saves a lot of time. It enables users to open multiple projects at once, allowing them to switch between scenes and lift clips from one project to another.

This lets them save more time in adding needed scenes into the video they are working on each time. It is a desktop video editing application for professionals and enthusiasts.

5.  Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate (discounted page link) has a vast number of functions compared to other video editing software’s.

With its powerful video editing tools, and even more with its rendering speed it has become really a professional-level product.

It comes with detailed tutorials to make it easy for everyone to use. It is a modern editing software that is simple to use, affordable and, most importantly, functional.

The Pinnacle Studio Ultimate has new tools including Morph Transition, Wide Angle Lens Correction, Paint Effects and 3D Titling.

The Supported import and capture sources are broad, ranging from direct capture from your connected camera to DVDs and Blu-rays. It has a wide range of additional options.

It supports stop-motion video capture from any connected camera, 3D, 360 videos, and even multi-camera editing. It has made easy for the users to achieve professional-looking effects to apply to their projects.

Another feature which sets it apart is it unique video editing environment where professional-inspired tools which are not complicated like other software’s and are very easy to learn.

Pinnacle products are known for their simple and hassle-free working programme which attract beginning editors.

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