Remote desktop access software allows a user to connect and control his data on pc from another device from afar or distance. It makes work very simple as we can start work from home by remotely accessing our desktop from where we have left our work in the office.

Teamviewer is software for remote desktop access, file transfer, and desktop sharing. Recently, many scams have been reported in which scammers used TeamViewer to gain access to the victim’s desktop, rob the person of all the valuable information stored on their PC, and infect the pc with malware.

A major add-on for TeamViewer is its quick and easy access. But if we look at its file-sharing capacity, it is not too reliable. Furthermore, TeamViewer is a costly affair because of its expensive upgrades and license price. So you must try TeamViewer Alternative.

best alternative to teamviewer

Many new software and applications are emerging, giving tough competition to TeamViewer with loaded features and high security. The latest Remote desktop access software does not limit itself to remote access and control. Still, many more beneficial features are being added to make it very easy and, at the same time, valid for use.

Top 10 Alternatives to TeamViewer for 2020

1. Splashtop


Splashtop is a remote desktop access software that is used for personal users. We cannot control multiple PC’s using this software. Installing Splashtop can be tricky at first, but once you are done installing and running the program, you can easily access all the features.

The best add-on of Splashtop is its security feature, and high speed, which are way better and more secure than most software used these days, making it very reliable for accessing information and transferring data remotely. Splashtop offers excellent features at a meager cost, making it highly recommended for users.

2. LogMeIn Pro


LogMeIn Pro is a reliable remote desktop access tool with which you can access your desktop, share files, access data, and share screens remotely from anywhere in the world. LogMeIn is straightforward to install and relatively simple to use. LogMeIn is quite heavy on the pocket compared to other remote desktop access software.

It is expensive for those who want to access their devices from home or work and don’t need many features, so most firms mostly use it for intricate work. LogMeIn customer support service is excellent, which helps you out if you encounter any problems using this software.

3. GoToMyPC


GoToMyPC remote desktop access is the main feature and at the identical time drawback is that this software gives you access to all the files on pc you have accessed, which means that when you allow a user to access your PC, the user can quickly look upon your entire data and you are liable to the theft of information, likewise at the same time it is pretty convenient if you are using it for personal use from home or work to access your PC.

GoToMyPC is reliable for use in the corporate world. A significant drawback of GoToMyPC is using mobile devices to access a PC. Many issues are encountered while using a mobile device to access a PC. GoToMyPC is a tough competitor of LogMeIn. 

Choosing between these two is quite challenging as both offer more or less the same features and good service. GoToMyPC easily gets installed and is simple to use. Files can be transferred without any issue from one pc to another.

4. Microsoft Remote Desktop

microsoft remote access

Suppose you are using a Windows operating system. In that case, Microsoft Remote Desktop is an excellent option for you to use as it comes built-in Windows operating system, so there is no need to purchase it separately. One thing lacking in Microsoft Remote Desktop is its security feature.

One has to configure settings to make it much safer and more reliable separately; otherwise, attackers can easily misuse it. We can easily print files on the host printer from the one we are accessing.

5. RealVNC


Though RealVNC has quite valuable features, if you are looking for streaming videos or loading large files, it can get quite tricky. It is not recommended for videos and large files transfer. Looking at its strong points, it gives quite a competition to Splashtop regarding security features and exceptional security to the software.

Thus it is much more reliable in terms of security. RealVNC is a bit complicated in terms of use compared to other remote desktop access software, but it also has many built-in features.

6. UltraVNC


If you are looking for instant computer support, UltraVNC can be quite a time to consume. UltraVNC is free remote desktop access software that enables the user to access pc at work remotely or at home from a far-off place and transfer files quickly. But it cannot be trusted for security reasons.

It can be helpful for personal use but is not recommended for giant firms involving multiple user interfaces. Its potential is dependent on the speed of the network we use. The faster, the better.

7. Ammyy Admin

ammy admin

Ammyy Admin is quite similar to Teamviewer. It is pretty quick and simple to transfer files using Ammyy Admin. It has no cost involved if using it for personal use.

Like TeamViewer, Ammyy Admin has also been unpopular because of issues of malware and viruses used by hackers to attack the user’s system by asking users by various methods to use the software.

Looking at its positive side, It is swift and easy to use, and data can be transferred efficiently from one pc to other without any trouble. It is pretty loaded with features, and looking at its versions for commercial use; it is one of the most affordable software for remote desktop access.

8. LiteManager


LiteManager is cost-efficient. After buying a one-time purchase of the program, this software works without any problem with a lot of features added to it. It has a useful quick support mode that lets you through any issues.

It is excellent for its price for remotely accessing the desktop from anywhere in the world and transferring information or data across devices. It allows complete access to the remote pc so that the user has no inconvenience while transferring data or making any changes.

9. AnyDesk


AnyDesk is a satisfactory product that allows you to control and access information from the host pc or device. It gives access to connect remotely to many computers at one time. Its main key point is that it guides through the complete process of making it easy to use by anyone.

It is pretty fast, depending upon the network used. It can be said that AnyDesk is user-friendly and super easy to use to access a PC from far off remotely.

10. Join. me

Join. I am remote desktop access software that allows multiple access at once, making it one of the top buyers for IT professionals. Another major add-on to it is its live text chat tool.

Another feature is its multiple screen sharing, which makes it easy for a company to work together from different locations and solve issues or explain presentations and save money and time lost because of traveling.

It also offers excellent customer support to solve issues encountered by users. At times users have experienced problems with audio, but otherwise, it runs just fine for users.

These are the top 10 Alternatives to TeamViewer that you must try.

Final Comments

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