Music is something that everyone loves and is a perfect source of information. And for music lovers, having the best music player for Linux is necessary to make the stuff more manageable. Here we list the five best Linux music players you must try this year.

Best Linux Music Player

5 Best Linux Music Player that You Must Try

1: Rhythmbox

Rhythmbox for linux

Rhythmbox is an open-source, free application. This is simple to use, has an easy user interface, and makes everything in one place. Rhythmbox is lightweight, and you can import all your music stuff here in one go. Rhythmbox has many great features, such as internet radio, podcasts, etc. This music player quickly Burn Audio CDs from playlists, extract audio information from the internet, and runs on all major platforms.

With Rhythmbox, you can transfer your music from the iOS mass storage music player. The best feature of Rhythmbox is that with SoundCloud, you can play music anytime, anywhere. This music player keeps on updating with new features; the recent update brings the lyrics of the song playing. For this, press [Ctrl + L], and if the lyrics are stored in your database, the lyrics will appear on the screen.

2: Clementine

Clementine for linux

Another recommended music player that works well on your Linux is Clementine. Clementine is a free, open-source audio player. This offers you to listen to internet radio. For the song’s information, there is a separate panel showing the pieces of information regarding psalms, such as lyrics, album name, artist, and other such things. One thing that makes Clementine the user’s choice is that you can access this media player wireless from your Android device. So this is a good option for music lovers.

3: Amarok

amarok for linux

Amarok was developed by KDE way back in 200 and is one of the favorite music players for Linux users. I use this software much because of its easy interface and support tonnes of music formats. This music player stands at the top of the list for music lovers because of its technical features. Amarok shows three music panes:s playlist browser, collection, and player window, which gives a user all the details on the same screen.

Why must you try Amarok?

  • Create dynamic playlists
  • Filtered song playing (top rates, old songs, new songs)
  • Tonnes of format support

4: Audacious

audacious for linux

Audacious is another great music player, which is free and open source. Audacious is the default audio player in Lubuntu and Ubuntu Studio. Audacious offers high-quality music without using many sources, making it lightweight. You must try this music player; I hope you love this.

Why go for Audacious?

  • Advanced Audio Coding.
  • 150+ formats support.
  • Built-in gapless playback.
  • Support for Winamp 2 skins.


cmus for linux

CMUS has excellent features, and one of the best I like is its instant setup. Supports almost all music formats. CMUS works excellently on Linux; you can filter your music live according to your mood. You can customize the color according to the music you are playing. You must try this music player also.

Why choose CMUS?

  • Supports audio scrobbling
  • Ultimate compilations for your music
  • Quick launch and instant startup of music, even having tonnes of songs

The final choice depends on You!

I hope you find this information about Best Linux Music Player. The final choice is yours; choose the best among the top that suits you the best according to your preference. For more stuff and the latest deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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