Well, the official notification of launching of Nitro Pro 12 has come. Everyone expects to see how different Nitro Pro 12 is? What are the new features added in this? Is it still one of the best PDF editor software for your work? These were some of the questions that were arising in users mind.

nitro pro 12 review

We contact with the Nitro Pro team and ask for the license key of Nitro Pro 12 to better understand this and make every feature clear to our readers. We used almost every basic features to ensure whether it stands great or not. Here in this Nitro Pro 12 Review, we are going to see the new advanced features added, other security tools, pros, cons, and other such things.

What Does a Good PDF Software Offer?

Before going further we should know what we must expect from good PDF software. As there are many other PDF editing software to select. Security is something that everyone should expect. Many PDF editing software provides PDF security by allowing password protection. But some of the top-notch PDF editors such as Nitro Pro 12 offers you AES-256 encryption.

Storage of your document is another thing to be expected. Nitro Pro 12 offers you cloud storage, this lets you store your data online and access from anywhere. This is one of the most useful features that make work easy.

Fast processing is the biggest factor while choosing any PDF editor. If you are operating a small business and if your working gets slowers just because of your online documentation then nothing annoying than this. In our previous result, Nitro Pro was among the fastest PDF editor, and still, with the launch of Nitro Pro 12 the efficiency of working, operation timing has been increased greatly. Let us now quickly review the features of new Nitro Pro 12.

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Nitro Pro 12 Review

Let us first discuss some of the new features launched with new Nitro Pro 12.

  • Document conversion

While earlier versions of Nitro Pro have always had tools to help convert documents to and from PDF format, we have noticed that converting PDF to Excel and PowerPoint in Nitro Pro 12 yields results with greater accuracy, faster results, and increased consistency in content, images, layout, colours, and fonts.

  • Easy Sharing

Now with the latest Nitro Pro 12, OneDrive cloud storage allows you to save your data quickly and with easy steps. OneDrive is more beneficial for a Business connector that directly saves your PDF file to OneDrive. By this feature, the users can save their lot of time when compared to do the same work manually. And the sharing with OneDrive makes better to exchange the PDF with colleagues.

  • Easy Search Tool Section

Nitro has made some key user experience improvements to Nitro Pro 12, including providing more convenient access to popular tools and actions, such as locating specific content with the “Find” function or adding, deleting, rotating, and moving pages within the Pages panel.

  • Adding Own eSignature

Nitro Pro 12 allows you to add your own personal signature on your PDF file.  QuickSign tool allows you to apply your own e-Signature in seconds, directly within your PDF. Nitro Pro encrypts you a document with a high level of document security by having your own signature. Along with this, the process of signing your documents become quicker. The new single-signer workflow makes it simple to prepare a PDF in Nitro Pro, and send collection with Nitro Cloud.

  • Cloud Storage

OneDrive offers you a great tool to transfer your stuff to others by directly sharing your PDF documents. Having cloud storage makes your work easier and you no longer access your documents from the same device. Use your cloud storage anywhere anytime.

  • Nitro VIP Access

Nitro VIP Access provides Premium Support and Product Updates and can be added on to Nitro’s Individual plan at the time of purchase. An annual subscription to Nitro VIP Access guarantees a response to support inquiries within 24 hours, along with the latest product updates whenever they are released.

Review Nitro Pro 12

  • User Interface

Perfect interface with all basic tools easy to locate. Earlier some tools were difficult to locate but with this version, the things are more clear. The interface is made in such a way that beginners can easily access the tools. This is something best that we have got in Nitro Pro 12. In our view, this works fine.

  • Performance

Performance-wise Nitro Pro stands at the top and the similar result we got with new Nitro Pro 12. Even some tools get more efficient and work more smoothly. Improvements in document signature, quick sharing features makes the performance very well. Nitro Pro 12 is fully integrable with almost all Microsoft Office products. Performance-wise Nitro Pro is still our best choice.

  • File Sharing

Easy file sharing to your colleagues with directly linking to OneDrive. OneDrive is the official cloud storage application which is inbuilt in Windows 10 PC. All your documents easily saved on your cloud device and share file easily without manually doing all those stuff. This saves your time and is very much quicker. We recommend this product as in our test all works fine and quicker than the previous version.

  • Pricing

When comes out for pricing, having all these features with great tools the price is really worth. A single-user license costs you $159. If you are purchasing in bulk then our readers get more discount up to 15% with a discounted link to our reader.

Final Words

Still, in our list of top PDF editing software, Nitro Pro is on the top and have all those advanced features that provide you with the ultimate experience. If you are going to buy for your business purpose or for individual then you must visit this discounted link. As our readers get a special discount on the purchase of Nitro Pro 12.

I hope you find Nitro Pro 12 review and this information useful and definitely happy with the release of the Nitro Pro 12 as might be you are waiting for many months. For more review, tutorials, software deals follow us on  FacebookTwitter.

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