What is Amazon Music Unlimited: Pricing, Plans & Features (Complete Detail)

There is much top class music streaming services are available such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play music and much more, but you may hear Amazon Music Unlimited first time or very less.

Amazon Music unlimited is offered by Amazon and is in the race among top music streaming services available online.

Here you are going to clear your every doubt regarding Amazon Music Unlimited and its comparison with other top class music streaming services.

After reading the complete topic I hope you make a decision that which streaming services suits best for you.

what is amazon music unlimited

What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

If you already know what exactly What is Amazon Music Unlimited is then you can skip this paragraph.

Amazon Music Unlimited is online music streaming service from Amazon that offers you on-demand access to millions of songs of your choice, thousands of playlists, both with App and its website. 

Amazon Music Unlimited offers you ad-free music with unlimited songs. You can get 30 days free trial period to use this service.

Amazon Music Unlimited Plans & Pricing

Currently Amazon Music Unlimited comes in three plans

  • Echo Plan: This plan is only for Amazon Echo device user. If you have Amazon Echo device then you have to pay only $4/month.
  • Individual Plan: If you have Amazon prime then it costs you $8 otherwise $10 if you are not having Amazon Prime. You can have a great deal for an annual subscription.
  • Family Plan: Family plans come with access music up to 6 devices. You can use Amazon Music Unlimited simultaneously to 6 devices with their own individual playlist, music recommendation.

Number of Devices Works with Amazon Music Unlimited?

If you have an individual plan then you can access live music in only one device, but if you want to stream music more than one device then the family plan is best and really worth.

You can upgrade your plan any time to shift to the family plan. This plan works for 6 devices simultaneously each having individual playlist, music recommendation and other things.

Compatible devices for Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited is compatible with all major devices. You can access online streaming music on your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Amazon devices including TV and tablets.

You can also run Amazon Music Unlimited right from your PC and Mac with the official website of Amazon Music.

Which countries have access to Amazon Music Unlimited?

Before going to purchase Amazon Music Unlimited, must check that your country is having access to Amazon Music Unlimited or not.

If your country name is not on the list then don’t be upset, I am going to tell you the best way to use AmazonMusic unlimited right fro your own country. The best way is to use VPN service. VPN (Virtual Private Network) offers you to access the internet from any part of the world sitting at your home.

Some of the best recommendations for best VPN service providers are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish. See the countries list here.

If your country name is not here then VPN is the only option.

How to Get Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription?

  • Go to Amazon Music Unlimited official website.
  • Tap on Start a 30-day free trial button. Now Sign-in with your Amazon username and password.
start muscic unlimited free
  • Enter your Subscription payment method, review your plan again and make the payment.

NOTE: Your free one-month trial turns automatically to paid subscription after one month.

You can also buy a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited from Amazon Music App on Android device, PC, Mac, FireTV or FireTablet. Follow some simple steps below.

  • Tap on Go Unlimited option.
amazon music on android
  • Now select your preferred plan or free trial to start using Amazon Music Unlimited.

Once you made subscription enjoy your music on your app. Make your own recommended playlists, songs, and other things. Enjoy your favorite music with Amazon Music Unlimited!

Final Words!

Overall with other music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play music, Amazon Music Unlimited stands with these all if we compare all. 

Amazon Music Unlimited is a good option that you can go for. The only limitation is the access to your home country but VPN makes everything possible.

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I hope you find this information useful and come to conclusion whether to go for Amazon Music Unlimited or not. Now you got your answer about What is Amazon Music Unlimited, its pricing, and features.

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