Google Home is a smart speaker that works on WiFi. This was developed by Google itself and has caused a revolution in the digital world. It is similar to Amazon’s Echo.

With the new generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Google Assistance, you can easily command all the devices connecting to that smart speaker by dictating what you want.

This product is currently available in the UK and US. (No, that’s wrong now). It is available in almost all countries now!)

One more thing is that Google Home is now working with other Bluetooth speakers, which was impossible earlier. Before this, Google Home was only compatible with Google Cast-enabled speakers.

This is now the best option for buyers. Let us see exclusive features, types of Google Home devices, and how to set up Google Home.

How to use the Google Home app to its full potential?

You can use the Google Home app to do a variety of valuable things, including:

  • Constructing and maintaining Wi-Fi and Chromecast gadgets from Google, Google Nest, and Google Home
  • Use it as a universal remote for all your compatible smart home gadgets, from lights to cameras to speakers.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming appointments and current emails.
  • For example, you may choose what news sources you get updates from and what sorts of information Google Assistant communicates when you ask it to tell you about your day when you want it to.
  • Link to music streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.
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Dimensions of Google Home speakers

You might be looking for the size, weight, and dimensions of Google Home speakers. As you have already noticed, it has a cylindrical shape. Let us consider all the other dimensional parameters.

Cylindrical Diameter: 3.8 inches (96 millimeters)

Cylindrical height: 5.6 inches (143 millimeters)

Weight: 1.1 Pounds

You can easily control the functions from the backside of the speaker. Every Google Home speaker comes with a different base so that you can change them whenever you want according to your room requirements.

What is Google Home & How to Set Up Google Home?

How does Google Home work?

As you dictate things to your child, and he starts following, a similar case is with Google Home as it has inbuilt AI (Google Assistance).

This makes things easier for you, and you have easy access to all your songs, videos, movies, calendar maintenance, the latest news updates, and all other sources of entertainment.

Yes, this is true; you can only command everything from Google Home.

You can also manage other apps (third-party apps) with Google Home, some of which are Netflix, Google Calander, YouTube, Google Photos, and other news channels for news updates.

What Google Home offers You?

I have noticed that many buyers still don’t know what Google Home exactly offers. Let us make this clear.

Google Home is so intelligent that once you have connected your third-party device to Google Home, such as Youtube, Netflix, and news channels, you can directly command them over voice and easily see them on your TV screen.

You can easily access your favorite series and play them with your voice control.

With the recent feature, Google Home is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, which was impossible earlier. That’s good news for all.

If you think Google Home only controls your entertainment devices, then you are wrong.

The best thing is that Google Home makes your life easier. Google Home can control all your intelligent equipment working at your homes such as lights, smart switches, smart plugs, and every other innovative piece of equipment. This all works with your voice control.

Hope this makes you smile and that you are excited about buying Google Home to make your home smarter.

How to Set Up Google Home?

Setting up Google Home is not arduous; set up Google Home with the Google Home app and all other smart devices available at your home and access them all with your voice.

Some of the devices to which you can connect Google Home are iHome, brilliant LED lights, TV control, portable speakers, and much more.

Now let us compare Google Home, Home Max, and Home Mini.

Comparing Google Home, Home Max, and Home Mini

For Home Max and Home Mini, there are now 3 speakers; all have different workings according to the name specified. Let us see all of them in detail.

  • Google Home: As you have already read a lot about Google Home above, so you are already familiar with Google Home now. No need to review this in detail. It is the best choice of all three.
  • Home Mini: As the name suggests, this is the smallest of all three. Its dimensions are 3.9 (diameter) x 1.7 inches, and its weight is only 6.12 ounces. This is best who are looking for a cheaper option, but speakers are not powerful, but you can connect with others.
google home mini
  • Home Max: Dimension-wise, it is 13.2 x 7.4 x 6 inches and weighs 11.7 pounds. This has the best sounding experience as it is the biggest of all. You can connect with other Bluetooth devices for a more high-quality sound experience. This also has a USB & 3.5mm audio jack. But the darkest part is that it’s a bit expensive.
google home max

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I hope you find all the information here that you were looking for and are completely satisfied with the information provided here.

Now you have complete details about what Google Home is and how to set up Google Home. 

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