How to Change Security and Privacy Settings on Mac

If you are unable to access any app, or other security apps then you need to optimize some security and privacy settings. Privacy settings are sometimes also useful if you won’t let other to use the stuff you made private. Simply change the privacy settings and no one able to make any changes. Follow some simple steps to make your security and privacy settings.

change mac privacy settings

How to Change Security and Privacy Settings on Mac?

STEP 1: Open System Preferences by clicking on Apple icon on the top left of your Mac screen.

STEP 2: Tap on Security & Privacy to open it.

mac privacy

STEP 3: Now under Privacy tab, click on Accessibility. Here you need to click the lock icon below to make any changes. This is to ensure that this Mac belongs to you only, here you need to enter the password to make any changes. If you forgot your password click here. After successful log in click on (+) button.

mac accessibility

STEP 4: Now on the left side panel, choose your desired area where you need to make privacy settings. Let us select Applications here.

STEP 5: Select the application you want to access or block. If you want to access the tap on Open and after that again hit lock button to save changes you have made.

mac applications

You are done with above steps. You have successfully made the changes to your security and privacy settings. In a similar way, you can select your desired location to make them accessible or to make inaccessible for others.

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