Best Free Password Manager Software for 2020

If you are tired of remembering the password of all of your account then it is impossible after some accounts if you make note it somewhere then it is not safe, or if you are keeping the same password for your all accounts then still it is not safe. So nowadays it is highly recommended to use password management software that keeps your password and username in its cloud memory and you can use this anywhere and anytime.

best free password manager software

Why do we need Password Management software?

I hope you know why it is recommended to have password management software. In today’s life everyone has many online accounts whether social or any other, it is not safe to keep all password same. So it is highly recommended to keep a different password for the different account. Sticky Password software is the best software to manage your password of all your accounts.

Why is Sticky Password recommended?

You might have a question that why you should go for a Sticky Password? After using this software (premium version) I found Sticky Password is the best option among all. This store your information which is AES-256 encrypted, so you need not worry about security. Fill up your data once and leave rest forms to the sticky password, This will auto-fill your all forms everytime. The sticky password is easy to use (read complete article for step by step instruction). The premium version comes with biometric authentication that secures even more. You must note Sticky Password is the award-winning password manager and form filler and is recommended by PCMag with an Excellent rating. Sticky Password comes with free and premium version. If you can afford little money for your security of online data the must go for a premium version. Here is the discounted link for 50% Off.

Some highlights for Sticky Password

  • to automatically import and protect existing passwords stored in your browsers
  • to save missing passwords as you browse
  • to help you generate and securely store strong and unique passwords for all your new accounts
  • and with the automatic one-click login you’ll never have to type them again!

How to get Free Sticky Password software? (Best Free Password Manager Software)

Let us see how you can get free Sticky Password software. Follow some simple steps below.

STEP 1: Open the official website of Sticky Password and click on the Download button on the top right of your screen or middle of your screen.

sticky password free

STEP 2: Now follow some instructions and proceed by clicking Next buttons. Accept terms and conditions to complete the installations.

sticky password terms

STEP 3: Once the installation completed, launch Sticky Password. Here you have to follow 4-steps to setup your account (this is only for one time).

  • In the first step, you just tap on Next button, as this is only to show that your pieces of information are AES-256 encrypted and is fully secure.

sticky password encryption

  • In the second step, you have to register with sign up detail, enter your email address and master password (you can make changes to your email address anytime). Again confirm your master password.

sticky password account

  • Now the third step is Synchronization, here turn on the cloud sync option (if not turned on) and tap Continue button.

sticky password cloudsync

  • The final step is syncing your browsers, this will automatically install on your browser and once successfully activated you will see the icon of Sticky Password on your browser.

sticky password browser

Once done with these steps, the Sticky Password is ready to use and you need not keep remembering your password anymore.

As this is a free version of Sticky Password. You will not get Cloud Sync Across Devices, Cloud Backup, Local Wi-Fi Sync Across Devices, Priority Support, and Saving Endangered Manatees. I must say to remain 100% on safer side and money is not big deal for you then check the discounted rates here to our readers only otherwise enjoy free version.

You can upgrade to premium version anytime. Let us see how you can get a premium version. All steps are same till here, now check few steps more to get the premium version.

  • Click on the Sticky Password icon, and select Go to Account.

stickypassword login

  • Now sign in with email and master password you have set.
  • Once you buy Sticky password, you will receive ACTIVATION CODE, copy it and paste it into New License Key.

sticky password license

You are Done! Enjoy Sticky Password and forget remembering the password again.

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