Hidester VPN Review: Easy Way to Bypass Censorship

Here we are going to check a quick review of Hidester VPN. Since Hidester VPN is not so much popular in the market and you may be wondering whether to go for this or not. Well, we will see every everything of Hidester so that you can better understand it. Check out Hidester VPN review.

hidester vpn review

Why is it important to have VPN service?

VPN becomes a major thing for those who are continuously traveling, using public wifi, sharing hotspot and much more. VPN makes you anonymous and you can easily surf the internet from wherever without being caught. Using VPN service you can select any available countries.

Why Hidester VPN?

Hidester VPN is having lots of advanced features. Since it is not much popular, this is the reason its cost is less. We will see the complete features of Hidester VPN below.

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Hidester VPN Review: Easy Way to Bypass Censorship

  • Performance & Speed

After using Hidester VPN for more than a month, I found speed is awesome. In some other VPN services, I found automatically disconnecting issue but nothing goes wrong with Hidester VPN. The downloading speed is also fast. So speed and performance is not an issue for Hidester VPN. You can easily surf and browse at a good speed.

  • Networks & Servers Availability

Hidester VPN allows you to connect with almost every popular country having so many servers. You can easily choose the country you wish to connect and you will get the best server to get amazing speed. Choosing a country to connect is very easy. Almost in one click, you will be connected to the country you have chosen. Currently, they have 45 servers in 33 locations.

hidester VPN location

  • Easy Access to all Features

As Hidester VPN has many advanced features, and are very easy to access. Simple dashboard and platform make your work easier. Let us see some of the features of Hidester VPN.

Zero Log Policy: Nothing can be traced neither your original IP nor your changed IP. No activities of your downloading, surfing history are recorded.

Complete Access to Block Websites: Get the complete access to all the block websites, sometimes we may find some websites are locked from your home country, but you can easily access all those websites by changing your present country. Moreover, if you are visiting some other countries and unable to access your home country website, then VPN is the only option.

P2P: Hidester allows you to download torrents and any other type of P2P activity, in both directions.

5 Simultaneous Connection: Once you have Hidester VPN, you can simultaneously connect to 5 devices.

Encryption: AES-256-CBC TLS 2048 bits Encryption Level

Protocols: OpenVPN, CamoWeb, CamoVPN

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Multi-Platform: Hidester VPN works on almost all devices such as Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

  • Pricing

As already discussed above, Hidester VPN is not much popular yet, but people who are using this are completely satisfied. And Hidester VPN is expanding its market very fast. When comes out for pricing Hidester VPN comes out for 3 plans. You will save 35% on 12-month plan and costs you only $60, and for 6-month plan, you will save 14%.

hidester vpn pricing

Final Comments

Well after using Hidester VPN, the final conclusion is that I am very much satisfied with this VPN. There are many alternatives to Hidester VPN but I found this VPN service is good option if you are looking at this price.

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  • Features
  • Performance
  • Price
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