How to Unblock Telegram Messenger App

If you are a regular user of Telegram Messenger app, and you notice that Telegram Messenger App is no longer working in your country. This is really frustrating but everything has an option similarly unblocking Telegram Messenger App has also options, so you need not worry. Here you will see the best and the easiest way to unblock Telegram Messenger App. With this method, you can use Telegram Messenger App from anywhere without being caught. Here I found using VPN service is the best way to use Telegram App.

unblock telegram messenger app

What Is Telegram Messenger App?

Skip this paragraph if you already know what is Telegram Messenger App. If still, you want to read then it is good for you. Telegram is free messenger app that is encrypted and one of the safest apps to use. Telegram app works on all platform such as your smartphones and also on your Mac and PC’s.

Why is Government banning Telegram Messenger App?

Since already discussed Telegram App is most secure due to its best encryption and no one trace the messages that are sent through Telegram. Even Government unable to locate the person who sent this messages and the text of the messages that are sent. So for many security purposes, Governments are banning Telegram App to ensure safety. Recently Russia has blocked Telegram App for security reasons. Some of the countries including China, Indonesia, and others blocked Telegram, and the reason given by Govt is its misuse.

How Government able to block Telegram user to access App on users device?

You might be wondering how Govt blocks the users to access the App, here is the answer. As Telegram app is encrypted so no one accesses its user but Govt block this app by tracking IP address. Regional Govt blocks their country IP address to access the Telegram. But you can easily change your IP address. The only method to hide your IP address and change IP address is using VPN service. Let us make clear in below steps.

How to Unblock Telegram Messenger App in Russia, Indonesia, China

The only method to access Telegram messenger app is by changing your IP address. This is possible by using VPN services.

What are VPN services?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes your IP address completely changed and offers you to connect to the server from any part of the country. VPN makes a unique access directly between the server you have chosen with your device. With VPN, no one traces your location and you can access everything blocked in your countries. Let us suppose some countries have blocked access to YouTube videos, but with VPN you can easily access. One of the best this is, if you are using VPN, even government unable to locate your location. So you are in safe hands.

Why trust over VPN usage?

If you are still afraid of using VPN in your countries and you might think Govt may be caught you then let us see why you must trust over VPN.

  • Prevents your ISP from tracking your every move
  • Zero log history
  • OpenVPN & L2TP encryption
  • P2P traffic is not restricted

Best Recommended VPN services to use

With my experience of using VPN services, I found the best VPN to use is ExpressVPN, ExpressVPN is a little bit expensive but you may get discount here (Discounted Link). Another VPN I personally recommend is NordVPN, this is cheaper option having all features that you are looking for. List of other VPN services is below.

Some FAQ

1: How to change IP address?

With the use of VPN service, you can easily change IP address.

2: Is VPN safe to use?

Yes, VPN is very much safe and no one tracks your real identity and you can work anonymously by connecting to the server from any part of the world.

3: Can I access Telegram Messenger App from Russia?

Yes, you can access with VPN.

4: Other stuff to access with VPN?

Some of the YouTube videos, Netflix videos may be banned in your countries, but VPN allows to access everything, moreover, VPN allows you to access Whatapp calling from the countries where Whatsapp is banned.

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