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VirtualShield Coupon 2024

59% Off

VirtualShield VPN (Personal License) – 59% Off

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$49.99/ mo

VirtualShield VPN (Business License) – Starts $49.99/ mo

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VirtualShield comes in multiple plans for individuals, families, or Businesses and extra savings on a 24-month plan.

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Along with these plans, you can add some premium add-ons at a special price. Check different add-ons here.

virtualshield coupon

How much can you save using the VirtualShield Discount Code?

The maximum discount is 59% on a 2-year plan for a Personal license. 55% discount on Family licenses.

You can also get a special deal on a 1-Year license on both Personal and Family licenses. Check out the complete pricing below.

For Personal license

  • 1-Month: $9.89/ month (10% Off)
  • 1-Year: $5.39/ month (51% Off)
  • 2-Year: $4.49/ month (59% Off)

For Family license

  • 1-Month: $26.99/ month (10% Off)
  • 1-Year: $16.19/ month (46% Off)
  • 2-Year: $13.49/ month (55% Off)

Payout Options

You can pay using your Credit Card, Apple Pay, or PayPal account. All your transactions are safe and secure with AES 256-bit encryption.

virtualshield coupon code

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guaranteed option, so it is safe to purchase if unsatisfied.


VirtualShield is one of the fastest-growing VPN services with multiple features and plans.

It offers extra premium add-ons to your plan as per your choices, such as Protection Plus, premium phone support, Identity Safe Plus, monthly maintenance, and much more.

It follows top-standard security protocols to protect your privacy and hide your IP address. It is compatible with all major platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and works on up to 15 devices simultaneously.


The company has a strict no-logs policy

Nothing could be farther from our ideals than for a VPN to behave this way. As stated in our No-Logs Policy, VirtualShield does not and will not store any electronic log of our customers’ online activities.

All data sent to and from our servers is secured, so your identity will always remain hidden. Your personal information is safe with us.

Viewing Anonymously

Hide your IP address from sites, your Internet service provider (ISP), and even the authorities if they attempt to trace you. Your privacy and security are at risk since many websites record your IP address.

A city, state, and nation may be deduced from your IP address. This implies that if the information is posted publicly online, it may be used to identify you. The IP address from your computer may be concealed with VirtualShield, preventing anybody from determining your location.

Superior safety measures have been taken.

If the encryption is strong, the privacy service is adequate. Even if your data doesn’t leave your system, hackers might still steal it. For this reason, we only use the most severe forms of encryption, including those used by armed forces.

ChaCha20 is used for data cryptography, while Poly1305 is used for authentication scheme in VirtualShield; together, these two algorithms are more efficient than the more common AES encryption.

You may remain safe with little to no performance hit.

There is a growing need for a VPN to keep up with increasingly fast connections since residential internet speeds are increasing worldwide. Unlike other services, VirtualShield does not restrict your data transfer rates or upload speeds.

We can guarantee you unmatched accessibility wherever in the globe because of our cutting-edge infrastructure and extensive worldwide network. It’s consistently lightning-fast, unmetered, and secure.

Cutting Off Device

VirtualShield’s kill switch stops sensitive data transmission if your VPN service fails. This prevents your Internet address and other critical information from being disclosed if your connection drops.

Protection From Malware

Not only does VPN+ obstruct ads, but it also safeguards users from well-documented malware distribution channels. Protecting your safety and security, it prevents trackers from ever loading on your machine.


By obstructing advertisements via the domain name system (DNS), VPN+ returns control to the user. This means reduced mobile data use, shorter load times, and longer battery life.

High-Quality, Ad-Free Streaming

Some shows and movies on services like Netflix and others may be unavailable in your country or region. This is valid for both international subscribers and local inhabitants of the United States.

The Quickest Possible Phone Assistance

Contact information for a select team of support reps is available 24/7/365 by phone. Regarding customer service, we stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Advances in computer vision

VirtualShield uses cutting-edge AI and ML to reduce false positives and maintain advanced antivirus technology.

Monitoring the Deep Web

We examine over 700 billion data points from public and private sources to identify any potentially malicious actions connected to your name, bank account, and other personal details (such as your SSN).

Warning of Security Vulnerability

Our cutting-edge monitoring equipment will contact you immediately via email, phone, or text message on your mobile device should any potential danger be detected.

Other Benefits:

  • No Logs history
  • Complete identity protection
  • Complete data privacy
  • Unblock censorship
  • Full Encryption
  • Browse Anonymously
  • Fast speed
  • Instant setup, easy to use, and many more.

I hope you benefitted from the above VirtualShield Coupon Code 2024. Share this special discount with your friends and family.

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