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If you are looking for the best value deal on VPN plans, we provide you with the best offers. There are currently 3 plans, all of which give a discount.

The best deal for a 2-Year plan and another is with a Yearly plan. A long-term plan is a better option if you want huge savings.

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Payment option for VPN

You can pay through all major Credit cards (Master, VISA, American Express) and using a PayPal account.

hide me vpn discount


eVenture Limited, headquartered in Malaysia, has been operating as a VPN provider since 2011, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporation.

In particular, the flexibility with which may be set up makes it so intriguing. There is a lot for those technically inclined to tinker with, from a wide variety of interfaces to built-in tools like network settings and security against DNS, IP, and IPv6 leaks.

Naturally, Windows and macOS aren’t the only operating systems on which works; the service also works with Android, iOS, Linux, wifi, and Smart TVs.

Features Bolt 

We unquestionably use all the benefits made possible by the exponential growth in Internet bandwidth over the past decades.

But unfortunately, repression is also on the increase at the exact moment. We have to solve this problem since protecting user privacy online is our top priority as a VPN service provider. Therefore, we created VPN Bolt.

Fast internet connection

One hundred megabits per second was a lightning-fast connection a few years ago. Those who provided internet access had both sway and spare capacity. However, when transfer rates increased indefinitely, a gradual reduction in capacity ensued.

Exactly how, however, are ISPs trying to address this problem? Browsing and streaming data are prioritised, while less important data is throttled. The VPN service hides your user credentials from your ISP. Thus your ISP will naturally slow you down.

Irregular and slow performance from VPN clients on Windows

VPN clients are a standard feature of modern OSes. You’d think they’d be optimized and speedy, but Microsoft’s aren’t.

In most cases, third-party VPN clients, such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, or SoftEther, are preferable to Windows’ native VPN client. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s UDP standard support still needs to be better.

When you factor in ISP throttling, you end up with a VPN that doesn’t do its job. Thankfully, Bolt was created to address this problem. Throttling and Windows problems are no match for Bolt uses TCP since it’s fast under Windows. Thus, Bolt exploits it. Running on Windows prevents ISP throttling and slowdowns by directing all TCP traffic over the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Users of Windows may greatly benefit from Bolt because it manages UDP traffic well. Hiding your true identity online has never been easier than with VPN.

This plan aims to provide the most efficient service to our clients, the highest possible speeds and a superior online experience.

Preventing IPv6 Address Disclosure

Most VPNs do not currently support IPv6; thus when you attempt to visit a website that requires IPv6, your connection will not go via the VPN’s secure tunnel but will go straight to your ISP.

This compromises your VPN connection, exposing you to IP leaks and surveillance.

Solution for Two Stacks VPN implements a dual-stack setup, allowing IPv4 and IPv6 communication. Because of this, secure connections between the two protocols may function without interruptions.

Acquiring Files at a Rapid Pace

Although IPv4 and IPv6 may be used on the Internet, they sometimes share other underlying infrastructure. Less traffic on IPv6 infrastructure might mean quicker speeds for IPv6 networks. Because of this, you should be able to enjoy faster download times.


Compared to similar products, Unlike static VPNs, VPNs that use Multihop don’t rely on a fixed set of routes but rather on dynamic ones. All that is required is selecting an entrance server and an exit server to communicate securely.

Dual-Protocol Virtual Private Network (VPN) Multi-Hop

Our service is down in various countries. We developed this useful function to provide you access to the whole network.

Multihop is a method of circumventing censorship and other forms of monitoring. Moreover, in specific scenarios, like gaming, the connection speed will improve.

Safeguards bolstered

Facilitates an additional “hop” for your encrypted information. That is, the second server sees the successful finish from the initial server without knowing who is linking.

Increased Privacy and Security Online

Access distant servers previously too sluggish, unreliable, or prohibited by connecting to a local VPN server.

Increased Velocity

Provides access to our entrance VPN servers via your choice of ultra-fast local contacts. Then, our worldwide server architecture handles the load quicker than any ISP.

Increased discretion

Your internet service provider (ISP) will not be able to follow you everywhere you go online. Since it’s routed via numerous countries, your ISP won’t notice your VPN.

Independent Domain Name System hosts

The majority of internet users rely on a domain name system (DNS) server offered by their ISP or a separate service, which may track user activity and limit access to specific websites.

There is no encryption on these DNS servers, making them open to cyber assaults.’s servers will take care of your DNS for you.

After connecting to’s VPN service, using their DNS servers will encrypt and tunnel your actual connection. VPN Benefits

  • Advanced security
  • Absolute privacy
  • Unblocked censorship
  • Superfast speed
  • No log history
  • Worldwide server available

These are some of the features of hide me VPN. Grab the deal now to enjoy your privacy anonymously.

I hope you benefitted from the above hide me VPN coupon code. Share with your friends and family also for this special discount.

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