Luminar Neo stands out as the top photo editing software when we look for the best-rated AI photography software for Windows & Mac. At the same, for a limited time only, we are offering special promotions and discounts on all plans and subscriptions.

luminar neo coupon code

In this tutorial, you can take advantage of our exclusive Luminar Neo coupon code 2024, offering you the maximum possible discount for this month. You also get a gift on every plan you purchase. This is a limited-time special offer with the best discount possible.

Luminar Neo Discount Code

Save an extra $30 at checkout with the exclusive code “30OFFDISCOUNT”! This special offer for Luminar Neo, the most affordably priced photo editing software in 2024, gives you even more savings.

90% Off

90% Off on Luminar Neo 2-Year Plan

Get the best price deal on the Luminar Neo 2-Year subscription.

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Luminar Neo for iPad

Now the Luminar Neo is available for iPad.

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Luminar Neo Black Friday Sale – 85% + 15% Extra

Grab the latest discount offer on the Luminar Neo Black Friday sale 2023.

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Luminar Neo – Extra 30% Exclusive Discount

Check out the exclusive coupon code for an additional 30% off.

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86% Off on Luminar Neo Plans – Buy Now!

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70% OFF on Luminar (with Panorama Stitching) – Early Bird Sale

Take advantage of this limited-time offer! Secure your access to Luminar Neo today and enjoy an exceptional discount as an early adopter. Don't delay any longer—be among the first to experience the groundbreaking Panorama Stitching Extension.

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Luminar Neo Independence Day Sale – Up to 87% Off

Limited-time special discount on Luminar Neo plans.

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Luminar Neo Extension Sale – 65% OFF

Enjoy the best offers for Luminar Neo extensions.

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Luminar Neo LIFETIME Plan – $99 Only

Exclusive discount on Lifetime plan.

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Luminar Neo Extensions Early Bird Deal – $100 Off

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40% Off Luminar Neo + HDR Merge Pre-Order

Rediscover the power of HDR with Luminar Neo. We are running a special promotion with a Pre-order discount.

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65% OFF Luminar AI special offer

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Luminar Neo Spring Promotions (New & Existing Users)

Check out the latest Luminar Neo Spring sale offers on all plans.

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Luminar Neo Discount Code – 60% Off

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Luminar AI Offers & Deals – 60% Off

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Luminar Neo Coupon Code – 50% Off

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Luminar AI Promotions – $37 Only

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Luminar AI Discount – Buy now at special price!

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How much discount do you get on Luminar Neo Edition?

Currently, three plans are available – Explore, Pro, and Lifetime.

Pro is the best price and value plan as it allows all updates and future extensions and is accessible on two computers per license.

If you want to save for a one-time payment plan, a Lifetime plan is the best.

  1. Explore: $67/ Year (includes all upgrades, software upgrade)

  2. Pro: $79/ Year (consists of all upgrades, extensions access, software update)

  3. Lifetime plan: $89 (only software update)

With every plan, every gift, there are gifts!

Note: Users can upgrade to the latest edition anytime, and a unique discount code exists for existing Mac & Windows customers.

luminar neo pricing

You can pay using your Credit/ Debit cards, AmazonPay, and ApplePay.

You can also start with a free trial period.

Ways to Save Money on Luminar Neo Plans

Saving money on Luminar Neo, a popular photo editing software or other Skylum products, can be achieved in several ways:

  1. Look for Sales and Promotions: Luminar Neo often has sales, especially around holidays or special events. Check its website or subscribe to its newsletter for updates on such offers.

  2. Use Discount Codes: Search for discount codes online. Websites, photography blogs, or social media influencers often share these codes.

  3. Bundle Purchases: Sometimes, buying Luminar Neo as part of a bundle with other software or add-ons can be cheaper than buying it alone.

  4. Educational Discounts: If you’re a student or an educator, check your eligibility for an educational discount.

  5. Free Trials: Before purchasing, consider using a free trial to ensure it’s the right software. This can save money in the long run by avoiding an unsuitable purchase.

  6. Subscribe to Newsletters: Companies often send exclusive deals to their email subscribers.

  7. Check for Upgrade Discounts: If you own a previous version of Luminar or another product by the same company, you might be eligible for an upgrade discount.

  8. Follow Social Media: Follow Luminar Neo on social media platforms for potential flash sales or exclusive discounts.

To save money using a Luminar Neo Coupon Codes, you can follow these steps:

Find a Valid Discount/ Deals:

Search for a valid Luminar Neo coupon to enter a promotional code. You can find these promo codes on:

  • Skylum’s official website or Luminar Neo’s promotional pages.

  • Email newsletters from Skylum if you’re a subscriber.

  • Tech or photography-related forums, blogs, and websites.

  • Online retail coupon sites that specialize in software discounts.

  • Social media platforms where Skylum might share exclusive deals.

Verify Coupon Details:

Once you have a coupon, enter the promotional discount code below to ensure it’s valid. Check:

  • The expiration date of the coupon.

  • Are specific conditions attached, like applicability for new users only or specific bundles?

Select Your Luminar Neo Package:

Go to the Luminar Neo purchase page and choose the package that suits your needs.

Apply the Discount Code at Checkout.

When you’re ready to purchase:

  • Look for an option to enter a promo or coupon code at the checkout page.

  • Please enter the code exactly as it is (codes are often case-sensitive).

  • Apply the code to update the total with the discounted price.

Review and Complete Your Purchase:

Double-check the coupon against the final price to ensure the coupon discount has been applied. Proceed to fill in your payment and billing information to complete the purchase.

How to Activate Luminar Neo Promo Code?

Applying a promo code for Luminar Neo, a photo editing software by Skylum, is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

Choose Your Luminar Neo Package:

luminar neo plans
  • Visit the Skylum website or the specific Luminar Neo product page.

  • Select the package or version of Luminar Neo that best suits your needs. Multiple plans include the Ultimate Photography Bundle, Subscription, or Lifetime plans.

Add to Cart:

  • Once you’ve decided on your package, click on the option to add it to your cart or proceed to purchase.

Navigate to Checkout:

  • You’ll see your selected product(s) listed when you view your cart.

  • Click on the button to proceed to the checkout page.

Enter the Promo Code:

luminar neo promotional code
  • On the checkout page, look for a field labeled something like “Promotional Code,” “Discount Code,” or “Voucher Code”.

  • Enter your Luminar Neo promo code into this field. Ensure you enter the code strictly as provided, paying attention to capital letters and special characters.

Apply the Code:

  • After entering the code, click the “Apply,” “Redeem,” or similar button next to the code entry field.

  • The page should refresh, showing the discount applied to your total.

Review Your Order:

  • Ensure the promo code discount has been successfully applied and reflected in the final price.

  • Reviewing the details to confirm that the discount is as expected is essential.

Complete Your Purchase:

  • Fill in your billing and payment details.

  • Confirm all information is correct and finalize your purchase.

Note: If you are an existing customer looking for a better price discount to upgrade to the latest version, you get a price reduction as a loyalty discount.

How do we rank the latest Luminar Coupon Codes?

When ranking the latest promotions for Skylum Luminar Neo, we consider several key factors:

  • Discount Value: We prioritize promotions offering the highest percentage off or the most significant monetary savings on the standard price.

  • Duration and Timeliness: Longer-lasting promotions and those coinciding with major shopping seasons or holidays are ranked higher due to their extended accessibility. We regularly update the coupons and eliminate the expired ones.

  • Additional Benefits: Promotions that include extras like free add-ons, tutorials, or bundled software receive higher rankings for added value.

  • Accessibility and Eligibility: Offers available to a broader audience, without restrictive conditions, are given preference.

  • Reputation and Feedback: We also consider user feedback and the reputation of the offer source to ensure the promotions are legitimate and well-received.

This approach ensures a balanced assessment, highlighting promotions and special offers that offer the best overall value and accessibility to potential buyers.

Customer Support

Using this link, you can contact the Luminar Neo support team with questions or queries. You can follow Skylum on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

FAQs for Luminar Neo

⭐️ Are there any special promotions available today?

There are multiple plans and special offers available. You can save up to 85% on Skylum software and get better discounts, including gifts. You can also use the Luminar X Membership Promo Code.

⭐️ How do you activate the deals & promotions for new purchases?

Click on the plan you want to purchase, copy the code provided, and use it at the checkout page. See above for screenshots.

⭐️ What is the refund policy?

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans. Also, you can start with the free trial version of Luminar Neo.

⭐️ Is Luminar Neo better than Photoshop?

Whether Luminar Neo is better than Photoshop depends on user needs and preferences. Luminar Neo offers user-friendly features and AI-driven tools that simplify complex editing tasks, appealing to those seeking ease of use and quick results. However, Photoshop is more versatile and powerful for in-depth, professional-grade photo editing but requires a steeper learning curve for many features.

⭐️ Is the Luminar Neo license valid for a lifetime?

Yes, you can use it for a limited-time offer for a lifetime with a gift for the same version. For the latest version updates, you can pay anytime. Some minor updates are free.

⭐️ How much is Luminar Neo full price?

Luminar Neo subscription starts from $6.96/ month, and the yearly plan costs you $34.30. You can also get the best price deal on a Lifetime license plan. Prices may vary depending on the latest in prices and deals.

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